Aug 20, 2008

Thank you Lord..

I was surprised when hubby got home yesterday, he brought me some flowers which makes me really happy and special. I asked him what's the occasion for buying me a flower and he said, " I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO ME" what a romantic person he is! he is indeed the most sweetest thing that I ever had in my life, because of him my life is so meaningful and I cannot imagine living without him and my baby, they are everything to me and cannot live without them. I am so blessed and thnkful for having a husband like him. God is so wonderful..THANK YOU LORD..
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Aug 8, 2008

Happy Wekeend!

Gosh! days runs so fast! its weekend again..i am happy that my husband told me not to cook anything today for his diiner for we ar goind out to eat in town. i save my time cooking and i can spend my time with my baby.
anway, did you watch" so you think you can dance" last night? i was right with my bet. I like joshua, he is so smooth and graceful everytime he dance, catie and him are the perfect match. my show is over, so now i have to wait till they have to make that show again..
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