Dec 28, 2010

Surge Protectors

After singing in the magic sing for two hours, the surge protectors finally gave up! I was in the middle of singing my last song and all of the sudden, the music stops! I thought I broke the magic sing karaoke. It gets too hot and it quite working, according to my husband it might be because the surge protector is 8 years old. It’s lucky enough that it did not cause more trouble, otherwise I will freak out because there is no one who can look up. I already placed my order earlier and I hope it will get here soon. The one that ordered has ten outlets, which is perfect for our TV, home system theater and cables.
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My Singing Buddy!

This picture was taken two years ago, my son is only 11 months old but he already my singing buddy! He likes to sing in the microphone, it's funny because he acted like he can read the song lyrics. I love watching him trying to sing though it hurts your ears sometimes hehehehe. And take note, as soon as he started singing, he has no plan to stop! He is almost 3 years old now and he asked me today if he can sing but I said no, my ear is still on recovery and I cannot handle too much loud right now.
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Residential Rehab

Do you know anyone who is in need of help overcoming their addiction? If so, then you might want to check the residential rehab located at Malibu California. Seeking professional help is the most powerful way to overcome both psychological and physical addiction. With the help of counselors and other addiction treatment professionals, the individuals who are suffering from their addiction will soon find their way back to normal lives. The residential rehab is the safest place to go for someone who is having a hard time to control themselves resisting their addiction. People, please share this information to someone you know who are in need of help. Any form of addiction is a serious matter and if you don’t take action now, it might be too late to help that certain individual.
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Dec 19, 2010

Women's Rain Boots

I bought a black high knee boots last month and I regret buying it. The boots is nice and classy but does not fit where I lived. We have too much snow on winter with rain and the boots is not waterproof. I tried to used it on snowy day and it is not warm at all, I feel like the snow is dropping directly on my feet and when it rains, it make is worse because the water started coming in and my feet froze. I should have listen to my husband when he told me to buy the women's rain boots while we were at the store. I learned my lesson; it is what I want for Christmas! I told my husband to get me two pair of rain boots with different colors and design. I cannot wait to start using my boots, my husband just ordered it yesterday and it should be here next week, hopefully before Christmas.
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He Like Nagaraya

My little boy likes to eat Nagaraya peanut snacks. We were at the Asian store, he keep pulling my pants to the isle where nagaraya was, and I was like, what do you want son? And he said, mommy, I found it! and I said, found what? the peanut! he is very happy and lively when he picked a bag of Nagaraya. I cannot believed he remembers that snacks, I gave him once I think 2 months ago and since then he did not forget about it. He likes the peanut very much and I got him two packages in case he wants more.
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Insurance Quote

I just want to make an update regarding my cousin Rhea who had car accident after trying to beat the red light. It looks like everything went out smoothly and pays everything that needs to be pay. Her car is still in the auto shop and hoping to pick it up by Tuesday. She got lucky because her parents were able to help her financially and the car’s owner is not being too hard on her. She learned her lesson though. She’s working to get a car insurance now and been checking insurance quote online. She is hoping to find a car insurance policy that suits to her budget. I am very happy and proud to my cousin for doing the right thing. It’s time for her to learn the what life really is and need to take things seriously.
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Dec 7, 2010

Metal Buildings

I noticed most of the shops, storage shed and garage kits here in our subdivision uses steel or metals. I can understand why, here in our town, we get lots of rain on spring or even on summer and then bunch of snow on winter so metal buildings is an ideal shelter to use to fight back the rain and the snow. Metal building will also last longer and of course easy to assemble. We are actually thinking of remodeling our shed into steel and metal and hopefully we can do that this coming spring. Our shed started to fall apart because of the rain; it is where we put our junk materials and some other unnecessary things. It’s going to be a busy life for us next year!
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He Can't Wait

I ordered a RC electronics helicopter for my son and I am so excited to wrap that for him. The item is still on it's way here, I am crossing my finger, it will get here on time. He saw me when I ordered it online and he keeps telling me how much he wanted to play the toy, I told him to wait and he can have it soon. He is very happy and I am happy too knowing that I bought something for my son for the very first time hehehehehe. The color of the toy is blue too.
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Dec 6, 2010

Wooden Swing Sets

My way of saving money is to shop after holidays. In my own experience, I can always get the stuff more than half of the price if I buy it after holidays or after the season’s change. This year, I bought a wooden swing sets for my son, we save almost half of our money buying it after summer. I chose the wooden swing set because he can play it longer and it last forever, unless you burn it or intentionally destroyed. It is our Christmas present for our one and only son and probably his birthday present too :-). We are very excited to set it up for him but we have to wait until the weather gets warmer. Right now, the swing sets was being kept in the shop, we do not want to show it to him until Christmas.
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Managed Hosting

One way of expanding your business is to own a website. Nowadays, people use their computer or cellphones to search the things they like to buy including myself. I always search the products first and visit several website before deciding which one to buy. It is the basic steps for shoppers to compare prices because everyone wants to save.
My point here, if you are in business the first thing you should to do is to managed hosting, why? Because it is the easiest way to expand your business without too much hassle. It may sound hard to do but you can always get help to start your own hosting. The attached link of this post is the first step for everything. They are the expert when it comes to hosting services and technology.
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Dec 3, 2010

Better Than Yesterday!

It's been two weeks now since my Tympanoplasty surgery and I am getting better. I can wash my hair without asking help from somebody and can bathe myself alone. I must say. having surgery is a tough one! I am not allowed to carry more than 20 lbs and the packing in my ear was still inside. They are going to remove the packing on December 17th and I pray that the graft is healing perfectly and that I won't experience any complications. I put all my trust to God..
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Material Handling

One of the best methods to avoid accident while you are storing or moving things into a certain place is by using material handling. These materials will simply help you organize your things nicely and easy. Accidents happen when you are not using the right equipment when you are moving things especially the one that is more than of your capacity. I can testify to this because my husband undergo back surgery 15 years ago after breaking his spinal cord from lifting something that weight 10 times of his weight. If you are in business right now and looking for handling materials, please visit the attached link of this post, you can find everything and anything when it comes to high quality handling materials.
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