Nov 30, 2007

My baby's heartbeat is 160!

We just got home from my 3rd prenatal chec-up. We are so excited when we heard our baby's heartbeat. The beats is so fast and loud and my husband said, our baby could be a rock star co'z it sounds like playing drum inside my belly. It's very funny and very exciting. I can't wait to see my baby soon!According to my friend if the heartbeat is beatween 150 to 160 it's baby girl but I really don't know co'z there are some says it's a boy. Well lets just see on my next second ultrasound( Dec.27).

I am thankful that everything goes normal with my pregnancy. My baby is normal and no negative result in my laboratory test. Can anyone give some idea if 160 heartbeat is a girl or boy? I am so excited to now the gender of my baby but like what I said before, boy or girl is don't matter to me as long it's a little healthy baby.
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Nov 28, 2007

Another day for me

My baby woke me up this morning, I felt something is stretching inside my tummy so I decided to get up and eat something even if I want to sleep more! When it's winter the sun don't show up until late in the morning, so it makes you want to sleep more.But anyway I manage to get up and eat my breakfast. I am so lazy though, I haven't been cook vegetables for quite a while and I know I need to cook for the good health of my baby.
I still have a lot of things to do like laundry,clean the house, dishes and I need to get going now. Thank you friends for not getting tired reading my blogs:-) God bless.
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Nov 27, 2007

My first snow ever!:-)

Yesterday is my first snow ever..I am so excited when I woke up this morning seeing all white outside our house. I wanted to go out and play but my husband reminded me just before he left for work not to go out without him co'z I might slip and I am 5 months pregnant. It looks so beautiful when the sun is shining and the ground is all white. I know most of the Americans don't like snow but since it's my first time I like snow:-) I feel like a kid..I know it's hard to drive when it's snowing but lucky me for I don't drive at all hehehehehehe..well anyway my husband will be here soon so I am ready to play the snow!..adios friends..
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Nov 24, 2007

Too chilly!

It's started to get very cold here. Last Friday me and my husband went to walmart for a big sale,we go there 30 minutes before they will open and I saw lots of people lining waiting the door to open. I'm just glad my husband decided to stay in the car to wait co'z if he does I can't stand outside and wait co'z it's too chilly for me. It's 10 degrees and icy. I really admire those people standing and waiting and some of them brought their babies! I can't believe it..I would never do that to my kid for some reason babies is very fragile and sensitive.

Well anyway,I hope you guys are having a great thanksgiving. We spent our time with my in-laws till morning. Lots of food and I love it all! My mother in-laws cooked lots of foods and a whole turkey since it's my first thanksgiving here. I enjoyed my time and looking forward for my next turkey next year:-)
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Nov 23, 2007

20 Questions from Genny:-)

Got this 20 Questions and answers from Genny..thanks Gen.

1.Are you good at hiding your feelings? -Sometimes I am but of the times not:-)

2. How can we tell that you’re already irritated? -If I don't talk that much and quit responding.

3. How do you treat the person that obviously doesn’t like you? -I treat them more nicely.
4. What usually ruins your mood? -If someone will bother me while I'm in bed.

5. Who do you see everyday that you wish you just wouldn’t at all? -None

6. When was the last time that you had a good cry? -Last night when I pray before bed.

7. How often do you shop for clothes? -Once or twice a month.

8. Who’s your long-time crush? -No one

9. Someone you just had a crush on? -My husband.

10 . Do you have something that you wish you just don’t? - Yup but it's personal:-)

11. Do you sometimes crave for something that isn’t there? - All the time:-(

12 . Do you wish to live in a faraway land where nobody knows you? -Never in my life.

13. Have you kissed a total stranger? -opppsss! can't tell..

14. What do you want to do at this moment? Update my profile and post more blogs.

15 . The worst feeling? -Peeing all the time ahh!

16. How about the best? -Having a wonderful husband and being a mom soon.

17. Ever given your number to someone you dislike? -No

18. What will you say to the one reading this right now? -there's no lies on my answers.

19. What/Who do you need right now? -God,my husband,family, and friends.

20 . Happy with your life? -very much..

Now I want to tag all my freinds here and whoever passes my site..enjoy!
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