Feb 17, 2012

We Need Extra Batteries

Since my son was born, we have been keeping extra batteries in our drawers but as he gets older, it seems like we consume more batteries than we usually do. He spent most of his time playing his toys that uses duracell procell aaa and just recently he was crying and throwing a big feet after running out an aaa batteries and cannot play his favorite toy. I wish I have a driver license so I can just drive to the store and get him one.
Anyway, I already placed my order online and this time I ordered four dozens, I hope it will last longer! Guys, if you too needs some batteries, just simply click the attached link above, they all have everything you need when it comes to batteries.
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Little Cutie!

Baby Jeannie is my friend's daughter, she is one of the cutest little girl that I have seen in my entire life! When she is around everybody wants a piece of her lol! I wish I have a little girl as cute as she is! We are all thankful of her coming to my friend's life because it took her forever before she finally had a baby, all the frustration was paid off.
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