Nov 18, 2011

Wire display racks

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us because the whole family will be at school to help out the turkey bingo night. Every year the school had this turkey bingo night as a fundraising and my sister in-law and I are always helping and selling cookies to raise more money. This time, we decided to baked 5 different types of cookies and that is why we decided to buy the Wire display racks so we can display all the cookies nicely and hoping to sell them all like last year because we baked more cookies this time. I am excited because my husband and my son will be playing the bingo together; it is like a family thing for us. I hope more people will join us this year!
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Enjoying The Snow

My son and I had a lot of fun playing in the snow yesterday. I found a good spot for sledding and we cannot stop ourselves going back in forth up in the hill. It was so fun that we decide to do it again today. It's still snowing outside and the snow is a lot thicker than yesterday. My son loves the snow and it's funny how he gets sad when it rains because he does not want the snow to go away.

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Nov 1, 2011

Pool Fences

I was looking for pool fences to put up in my mother in-laws swimming pool. Winter is coming and it needs some protection from any wild animals that might jump in. My in-laws are currently away for the whole winter and they expect Jason to take care of their place while they are gone. They regularly sent check to Jason to take care of their place and that is why we need to buy the pool fence right away because few weeks from now, we will be having snow. So many things needed to be done by the end of November and hopefully we can get it all done.
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Let The Expert Handle Your Mess!

Just before my sister in-law moved in her new house, she hired carpet cleaning raleigh to clean the carpet. She did all the possibilities to clean it by herself but the tangy smell from previous owner still stick to the carpet. According from her, they have several animals living with them and didn’t pay too much attention in cleaning their mess. She is thankful to hire the cleaning company because all the smelly carpet was totally gone and a lot cleaner than what she did.
Sometimes, there are things that we cannot do by ourselves, everyone needs help so if you have the same problem, leave it to the expert and hire these people too because I can guarantee you, you will never waste any of your money.
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What A Fun Day!

My son and my friend son are having fun trick or treating yesterday. We're supposed to meet our neighbor at 5 in the afternoon but I guess we're late co'z no one was there when we arrived. We decided to just do our thing. It was alot of fun knocking doors and get a free goodies. My son loves his ninja's outfit and didn't mind the coldness at all when we are out.
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