May 12, 2009

Rape in Congo

Today I watched a documentary in HBO about the Rape in Congo. I am stunned how many women was being rape by soldiers, and the worst part about it, they also rape children like 5 years old! I feel really sad and torn inside knowing that there are people like that. I cannot imagine how those women survive after being rape for more than 5 or more men at the same time; sometimes 20. I do believed that those men who do such things like that are evil, because after they raped a certain woman, they poked them inside with their guns or stick to destroy their uterus, bladder and some other body parts, they even poked their rectum too and sometimes, burn it with a coal. Their reason of doing it, because they lived too long in the forest and women refuses to have sex with them. But whatever their reason is, I still can’t understand why they have to hurt women after raping them. And most importantly, they don’t have a right to raped anyone they see in the road or in the forest just to satisfy their man’s need. They even killed their husband’s before raping them and get everything they had before leaving going back to their base.I am having a hard time to sleep after watching that horrible incident. I wish I am the most powerful and riches person in the earth, then maybe I can do something about it. Or maybe a superhero! Lol! I wish I can help those women who are suffering from those evil rapists. The only I can do for them is to keep them in my prayer. Rapist should be thankful that I am not a superhero because the first thing I’m gonna do is to kill them all! Hahahahahaha..oh well, si LORD NALANG BAHALA NILA...I wrote too long already, hope I didn’t bore you guys, its just I am carried away with my emotions right now *wink*. I am ready to hop in my bed now..goodnight friends.
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May 5, 2009

His Tough!

Just got home from my son’s appointment, he got four shots today which’s why he is still sleeping right now. But he is pretty tough though, he only cry when they poked him but after the shots he stop crying right away as if nothing’s happen. My husband teased me that if it was me, I might probably still crying after the shots, he said I am a whiner lol! Oh well maybe I am, anyway, my son is still in the truck sleeping. Id ont want to wake him up because he didn’t sleep good last night. My in-laws just got home too this morning and seems like it feels weird being at home without them, so quite and boring. I wish they can stay longer or forever, I really like them to be with us because they are both wonderful people. opppsss! I need to go now, my son is awake!
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