Mar 25, 2011

I Am Happy For My Husband

My husband recently got hurt, he torn his bicep and he is now in recuperation and is going to physical therapy to re-strengthen his arms, this is a wonderful opportunity for him to get back on shape and build some muscles. He actually considering of taking some muscles supplement and currently looking for the best muscle building supplement. It has been a week since his exercise and he is very excited to start working his body out again. I am also very happy that he decides to go on therapy because I am so worried that he might get discourage and will not do physical exercise, not that I don’t like him when he gain weight, it’s just that I wanted him to start using his strength again and play with our son.
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This picture is my son and my friend's son holding hands together while we are on our way to the city, the bottom hand is my son and on top is brice. They are bestfriend for life, they get along very well and almost in the same age. I hope this two little guy will grow up right and that they will stay friends forever.
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Malibu Rehab Treatment

I am watching a documentary last night about teenagers who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It was a very sad moment for me because my family is experiencing the same thing with my older brother. My parents worked hard to help him back on his feet and it took them long years before he finally get over with his addiction. It was hard for them because at that time, we do not have rehab centers in our place yet. Unlike today, you can go to any rehab centers and can get professional help anywhere, like malibu rehab treatment centers.
I cannot imagine myself being in the same situation. The documentary that I watched last night really helps me on how to become a better mother to my two-year-old boy. I know time will come; he’ll meet friends that can lead him to wrong direction but I am all prepared with all the possible precautions and with the help of God, I trusts that he’ll grow up right.
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Mar 22, 2011

Clear Skin Pores

After my left ear surgery, I suffered horrible skin problems in my left chick. I do not know the reason behind these entire skin problem but I am determine to find out. I am scheduled to visit my dermatologist next week and I hope they can help solve my problem because it greatly affects my self-esteem. I am also reading clearpores review to help me understand how to deal this kind of skin problem because I know for sure that when this huge acne is over, I will suffer skin pores too. I never had skin problem before so having this now is very depressing. It changes my mood whenever I look myself in the mirror, I hope I can get back my clear skin again!
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Good Luck To Me!

I am a little nervous and anxious for my citizenship interview tomorrow. I pray that everthing will fall into place and that I will be able to asnwrs all the questions and pass the exam. I do not want to waste the money that we pay for the processing, it's too expensive and stressful. I have been studying for a month now and hopefully I cannot forget what I had studied. Friends, wish me luck!
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Cell Booster

Finally, I got the cell booster today! The signal here in our place is very weak especially on winter. I have been waiting the phone company to put a satellite here in our subdivision but seems like I am waiting in vain. It’s a waste of money to pay monthly for my mobile phone and cannot get a reception here in our place. It is one of the reasons why it is kind of hard to live in a remote area.
Anyway, I am very happy that now I can use my phone anywhere in the house or even outside. I should have bought the cell booster sooner. I like watching videos using my phone and with the cell booster, the loading of the videos now is a lot faster.
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Mar 15, 2011

Travel Emergency

Last Sunday evening my husband twisted his left arm saving our little boy from falling off the chair. I felt bad because when he asked me to check his arm, I did not pay too much attention and I thought, everything is fine but after few minutes, his arm started to swelled up and he cannot move. We are few hours away from the hospital and there is no way of taking him to the emergency room because he cannot drive with his arm hurting and I don’t know how to drive either. Luckily we’re able to contact the travel emergency and took my husband to the emergency room. It was in the middle of the night but the ER is busy, people went to the same place because of their flu, good thing my son is not with us, otherwise, there’s a possibility of getting him sick as well.
My husband is scheduled for MRI tomorrow and I am praying that nothing is too serious and he does not need to undergo surgery. Because of what had happen to my husband, I realized how fragile our body is, and that, it needs to be taken care of. Though my husband hurt his arm accidentally, I am also very proud of him at the same time, risking his arm for the sake of his son.
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Mar 4, 2011

Let's Dance!

Goodness, I cannot beleive how hard zumba dance is! I have been dacing the zumba dance for days now and I am telling you, it was not easy at all. I can only dance two songs and I a done. It makes my body tired and makes me hungry too! I don't think I can dance longer but lets see, the treadmill arrive yesterday and I might just use that instead. How about you? Have you been dancing zumba too? how many pounds did you lose so far?
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Delta Faucets

I told Jason to replace our guest bathroom sink and buy the Delta faucets. I wanted to have a presentable bathroom for our guest. Last week, he replaces our toilet and I am very happy with it because the one he got is a push button, it’s huge yet it saved us some water. I also want to change the paint but Jason said, I have to wait for my mother in-law so we can do it together and pick the color together. She is good when it comes to house decoration. My goal for this year is to redecorate the bathroom and then when my son is old enough to handle fragile things, I am going to put back all our decoration that has been hid in the shop. My husband took all our decoration just before my son was born and I am hoping to bring them back maybe this summer.
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Mar 1, 2011

For Business Owner

My older sister who is running a business right now is asking me to buy her an ebooks and look for information about employee handbook template. I am not familiar of what she is asking but I will ask my husband to do it for her since Jason is very familiar about income & expenses spreadsheet. She was hoping to have all the information next week, I hope Jason will be able to spare some of his time and help my sister.
I wanted to learn about this matter too because we are planning to open a business when my husband retire. I was browsing online and found as well as their facebook guide page. I might sigh up at their website so I can get monthly updates about business strategy and information.
How about you? Are you currently running a business right now? Maybe you can give me some basic tips on how to become a successful business owner.
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One Month Close To Spring!

Wow I cannot believed we are one month closer to Spring! I am very excited and cannot wait to get warm weather. I am tired dealing the snow and the freezing temperature. I got too excited last week and cleaned the garage. I thought the snow is over. We have so many plans for this year and I am very excited!
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