May 31, 2011

Name Badges

Few months from now, my family and I are going to visit my family which is 18 hours flight or more. And since we can only visit them once and a while, we are planning to have a family reunion for the very first time. I have never really meet my family and relatives in both of my parents side so family reunion is the best solution to meet them all and since we do not know each other that well, name badges will be the perfect solution so we will not have a hard time remembering the names because our family is huge. The place of our reunion has not been made yet but my mother told me, that we might rent a small convention center to do the party and then go to the beach afterwards. I am very excited for this reunion. This is going to be a long catch up for everyone.
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My Son's Fav Show

My three year old boy loves to watch Pocoyo. He always make sure that he will not miss the show everyday. He knew what time the show is one and since the show is only on for 30 minutes, adter he watch it on TV, he will then again asked me to watch it in youtube. He really likes watching the little tiny blue pocoyo.
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May 23, 2011

Exclusively For Adults

If you are an adult and struggling to clear up your acne problem then check out adult acne treatments. I have acne problem for as long as I can remember but after using the adult acne treatment, my skin finally cleared up. It was tough for me because I tried so many products already and still did not solve my problem. I am so happy and considering myself lucky to finally found the one that suited my skin problem. Now, I can finally say, atlast! I am acne free! After years and years of struggling, my skin finally gave in :-). Anyway, if you are experiencing the same thing, do not give up and keep looking for the perfect treatment because sometimes because of the type of our skin, you really have to try everything which one really fits to your skin.
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Massage Therapy Program Online

A year from now, my son will be attending school and since I do not want to be stuck at home alone, I talked to my husband about getting a part time job. I am still undecided what type of job is best for me but I am thinking of taking massage therapy program online so I can apply at the nearest hospital here in our town. I always love to work in the hospital so while waiting to finish my Nursing degree, working as a massage therapist would be perfect. Plus my close friend is also working in the same place; she can help me on getting a job real quick since she works there for years already. I am very excited with this plan because I never really work in my entire life and for me; to finally work is a great experience for me.
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Spicy Good Foods!

Have tried to eat in Thai Bamboo Restaurant? If you haven't then you should try it! The food is good and affordable. I was there last Friday and I did not regret eating at their place. The place is clean and the people were hospitable. It was a perfect birthday celebration for me. Thanks to my husband for giving me a day girls day out!
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May 16, 2011

Petroleum Hose

Are you in need of petroleum hoses? If so, then visit petroleum hose. They have everything you need at affordable amount. We trusted this company since we are one of their customers for quite sometime now. The quality of their product is their top priority so no matter what you need, I can assure you, they can provide it all to you. Give their website a visit now for more information about their services and their products and of course, do not forget to share this information to someone who are also looking this product, thank you.
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Home Theater

Jason and I are talking about having our own home theater. We both love to watch movies on weekend and been thinking to buy the 54 inches flat screen TV. I told him to just build a home theater instead of buying a big TV since we already have the optoma projector that was given from my in-laws last year. Plus we have an extra huge bedroom that never been use before. The only thing we need to buy is to remodel the floor like a stair case for a perfect view and buy theater couches. That is our big project now and according from my husband, he’ll try his best to start building the home theater after our vacation. I am looking forward with this project; I do not care how long it takes to build the home theater as long as it can get it done.
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My Son And I

This picture was taken 2 days with my 3 year old son. I cannot beleived that he is more than half of my height. He got his daddy's genes. My husband and I are talking about him going to a private school in 1 year. He is only 3 years old but so ready to go to school, everytime he sees a school bus, he will looked at me and asked " mommy,can I ride in that school bus too? ". I am not ready to be away with son that long yet but when the right time comes for him to go to school, I'll try my best not to freak out hehehehe.
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May 9, 2011

Perfect Help For Everyone!

A month from now, we will be having a big party here in our place. A party for my husband for being promoted to his work and a celebration for me, passing the Naturalization test. We are doing a major cleaning in our house as well as in our yard but we are planning to rent a carpet cleaner Austin to help us clean the entire carpet in our house. We already shampooed the carpet but the smell of the dog peed seems hard to get it off. We are actually planning to change out carpet but because we are still working on our project which is the rebuilding of our shop, we decided to just wait for few more years before getting a new carpet.
Last year, the Austin cleaner staffs are also the one who help cleaning my in-laws carpet from water damage that is why I am confident enough that they can help us as well. There are still a lot of things that needs to be done before the big party and hopefully we can get it done before the big day. It is going to be a busy month for us! Guys, if you need someone to help you with your house work visit because they are the expert when it comes to cleaning perfection.
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May 4, 2011

Free Credit Score

My sister who is currently working to buy a house is having a hard time to find someone who can back up their financial problem. They tried to go to the bank to apply for loan but her husband’s credit score history denied their request. Her husband filed bankruptcy before he even met him and she did not know about it. She is mad and upset of what she discovered but there is nothing she can do about it. And because they are already married, it affected her bank records too. Right now, she is still looking for someone who can help them buy the house and I am hoping she can find one soon. I wanted to help her but we have priorities too.
It is very important that before you marry someone you have to know your partner’s background so you will not have a hard time dealing things in the future. My sister’s situation right now helps me realized how important to take care your credit score. If you credit score is bad, it will affects your future. I know, there are still a lot of people out there who does not know how to improve their credit score, so if you are one of them, check out this free credit score to see the current status of your credit score.
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New Korean Drama I like!

49 DAYS is the new korean drama that I am currently watching. It's been quite a while since I watched korean drama and now I am hooked again. I started watching the drama yesterday and I love every episode! It a fantasy and a romance story. It's nice to watch a movie like this when you are really bored and nothing else to do. How about you? What korean movie you are watching right now?"-)
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Need To Buy One

My friends and I are planning to go for a weekend road trip to Seattle, which is 5 to 6 hours away from where we lived. My friend Jenalyn is currently looking for a van where 6 to 8 people can ride. There are at least eight people are coming with us and none of us has a vehicle where eight people can fit. Therefore, instead of going there with two or three cars, we are going to rent a van and ride in one vehicle and then divide the rent as well as the hotel room. However, none of us has been in that place yet and that is why we need to buy gps first, so we know where we are going and in case we got lost. Going there together in one vehicle is an advantage for us because then we can save a lot of money. Jason offered us to use his gps nuvi but lets see what will happen because he is also planning to go somewhere on the same day we are going.
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May 1, 2011

Time To Get Serious

After few months of diet I noticed losing few pounds but recently, I have been eating foods that are way beyond in my diet plan. It is kind of hard to resist the food when someone is inviting me for dinner. I know I should stick on my diet and be firm but as human as we are, we sometimes break the rules. It is time to get serious and took my diet seriously. I read the Clinicallix reviews and might change my diet pills. The pill that I am currently taking is working but not as fast as I wanted to be. Wish my luck guys, I really want to lose weight before our vacation
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