Jul 21, 2011

Oro Gold Cosmetics

Lorena has been telling me to try oro gold cosmetics for months now, I am currently using different kinds of cream for my face but seem like my skin does not like it. I cannot see any changes in my skin at all. I will try these oro gold cosmetics that my friend has been telling me about and I will share updates here. I heard nothing but good things about these products and I am crossing my finger that it will work on my skin too, wish me luck guys!
It’s sad to know that I am one of those unlucky women who had skin problems; my skin needs extra care otherwise, it will be difficult for me to wear clothes that show some skin.
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I Need It

It's summer here but I cannot feel it. It's chilly and windy! I need to go to the beach and stay in the sun until I get burn. I need some warm right now. I wish our place is close to beach so I can just walk in right away whenever I feel like to. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep dreaming and wishing and maybe the good genie will hear me out hehehehehe.
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Jul 15, 2011

Family Trip

We are planning to go to the beach next month and do some scuba diving. It has been years since we did this kind of adventure and I think it’s time to have some fun. This is going to be a fun trip since our son will go with us. We already bought a scuba suit just need to find a cheap mx goggles. I did some packing already but there are still few things that need to be done before the trip and hopefully I can get it done this weekend because the trip is soon to come. What a busy life we had this year!
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Jul 11, 2011

Slimming Pills

I have been pigging myself out since I got here (Philippines) and never tried to weight myself because I do not want to know how much weight I gained. Just looking myself in the mirror, I knew I gained weight. I planned to buy slimming pills before leaving here. This is going to be a long hard of diet but I do not care because I am one of those lucky one who can lose weight in a few weeks, of course with the help of the slimming pills and regular exercise.
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My Brother Dream Girl

I do not know her but she is my brother's dream girl. He spent most of his day in social networking just to follow her updates. It is kind of funny how he spent his day with someone who doesn't even know him. He is dreaming to be an actor which is very impossible but who knows?? maybe hehehehehehe. Anyway, I just thought of sharing it because I know he is not alone chasing this woman!
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Jul 8, 2011

Safe And Fun

How do you feel staying in a place with a home security fulton dale installed? I am sure you will feel safe and at ease all the time. That is how I feel when I went to California visiting my cousin. I was skeptical to visit them first because of my family’s safety. The city where they lived is high in crime and that is why it took us forever to decide whether to visit them or not. Our decision becomes easy after she told about the home security system that she installed not a long time ago.
We had a blast spending two weeks at their place, we watch many movies and show every night, one of the shows that we enjoyed watching is The Voice but so sad that the show is already over. I hope that they are going to have another episode because we all love it. I am very thankful to my cousin because just because of our visit they installed Direct TV. They are planning to visit our place in a few months and we are very excited because they haven’t been to a place where they can go fishing and we all have it here in our place.
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Jul 5, 2011

2 Step Stools

I am satisfied with my height since I was born but it all changes after I got married, why? Because when I moved in, in my husband's place, I cannot reach our cabinet unless I used 2 step stools. It frustrates me when I want to get something and I cannot do it because of my height. I wish my husband’s house is not that high and that I can reach things without using something. I am just lucky that someone invented these step stools otherwise, it will be hard for someone like me to reach things higher than our height. Thanks to the inventor of this amazing tools!
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Grilled Tilapia

I have been eating grilled tilapia fish for about a month a now. It is one of my favorite food here in the Philippines. I can this kind of fish everyday three times a day. It is kind of hard to fine fresh Tilapia fish back home and I am taking all the opportunity to eat this while I still can. How about you? what is your favorite food?
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