Nov 27, 2010

Safe Diet Pills

Are you planning to buy diet pills? If yes, then you need to go online and search the safe diet pills. There are countless of diet pills in the market today but only few that really works. My sister in-law has been taking all kinds of diet pills in the world but there is only one pill that works on her. It is very important for you to take some time and dig the pills first before you buy one, read reviews, feedback from people or if you do not have internet at home, call people you know who are currently using diet pills and ask for suggestions. You do not want to take something that will ruin your health and there is only one way to avoid that, search it online and find the best diet pills.
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Yum Yum Yum!

I so love the chocolates that my husband bought for me yesterday! I know I have to watch myself from eating too much sweet lately but I am craving sweets like crazy, maybe I am pregnant? hope not, I am not ready to have another one yet. I love the sweetness part o fmy hubby, he sometimes surprise me with flower and somtimes chocolates. I am so thankful that he did not change after being with me for years!
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Hot Tub Covers

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us! We are going to attend a birthday celebration of my dearest best friend. I bought a hot tub cover as my birthday present for her, they have a very nice and fancy hot tub at the back of their house and I knew they needed a cover to protect it from dirt and snow. I was at their place last summer riding horses and drove the four wheelers, she mentioned it to me to visit at their place on winter and bring my bikini so we can dip ourselves in their hot tub outside. I am very excited to do that because I never tried to wear my bikini outside with few inches of snow. I am curious how it feels like to be outside in a freezing temperature! She told me yesterday, she bought two bottles of wine for our hot tub party, I know this is going to be fun and crazy!
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Depression Treatment

How’s your mood lately? Do you feel sad, anxious most of the time? If you are, then you must have depression. Depression is a very serious and depressing situation. The wallow of their loneliness and sadness can cause a great rift between each otherand family member. Many experts agree that depression can be hereditary, if one of your family members has been known to have depression in their lineage; there are good chances that the following generation will have it as well. People who do not have self-confidence and has low self-esteem are prone to depression as well. That is why, it is important for you to get depression treatment right away, if you think you are experiencing too much loneliness and aloof from people. Remember, people who are exposed to stress on a daily occurrence can also be a candidate for depression.There are so many so many ways to treat depression so hurry up and get help.
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I've Been There!

I miss the warm weather, I miss the time where I don't need to wear layers of clothes just to keeo myself warm. I remember the time when we went to Toronto Niagra falls, it feel wonderful strolling around wearing shorts and a t-shirts. We are very lucky to arrived at our destination with a perfect weather! I wonder how Niagra looks like now, was there a lot of snow there too like our place?
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Nov 22, 2010

A perfect Gift For Him

Christmas is soon to come! I made my early shopping list already but still not sure what to give for my husband. Last year, I got him a watch and a winter gloves and this time, I am thinking of getting him some sort of warm clothes. I was browsing some men's clothing online hoping to find nice warm sweatshirts and found few I like. I hope that I can get the money this week so I can order the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are what my husband’s always wear at work, he only wear shirts once in while and I know pretty sure that he will be very happy with what I have planning to buy for him. He likes black and dark blue but I am thinking of getting another color just for a change and lets see if he’ll wear it :-).
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I am very excited to visit my beloved country next year; I already started shopping around for my family. I got several clothes, shoes and dresses for my sister and brother. My younger brother who is in college has been asking me to buy him a laptop and I was thinking to bring mine (the one that I am currently using) then leave it to him on the day of our departure going back here. However, my laptop is too big to carry, Jason said, it would be better if we’ll just buy two netbooks and give the other one to my brother and the other one is for travelling. I like my husband’s idea, it never crossed in my mind to buy two since we are on tight budget but I could not disagree to the person who is the one earning money. Whatever he is plan was, I would gladly accept and follows his decision. Plus this time of the year, is the best time to shop around, huge sales are everywhere especially the stores online.
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Nov 13, 2010

I Miss Home

I am very happy that my three balikbayan boxes got in my hometown safely, I already saw all the pictures of my family wearing the clothes that I sent few months ago. I am very happy and miss them terribly! I wish we can visit soon and done with my papers sooner. I wanted to visit them at this moment but I cannot travel anyway because my passport was already expired. All I can do right now is to wait..
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Expert Advice

I always believed in this statement “leave it to the expert”. By believing that quote, I was able to treat acne problem in my face. It is hard to find the best acne treatment nowadays because of the product competition but with the help of the expert advice and reading reviews, I found the best cream that works perfectly on my skin. I am one of those unlucky women when it comes to skin, that is why, I need to be extra careful in finding cream treatment that will not damage my skin more. I do not have a place anymore for skin damage, I had enough already:-). How about you? What is your skin nighmare?
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Cute Casual Dresses!

There are so many things that I needed to do before hitting December. One in my lists is to buy new casual dresses for the three formal parties that we are going to attend next month. I have few casual dresses in my closet but I already wore it last year during the party. I bought a pair of black boots and a wool coat last week and I just need casual dresses.
I want the one that matches to my knee-high black boots, simple yet elegant and of course affordable. I wanted to go to the mall and shop but we are three hours away and the road is icy so I think shopping online is the best option at this moment. I am browsing for sample outfit picture wearing knee-high boots and I only found few so right now, I am still not sure what type of dresses to buy. Do you have any suggestion?
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I'm In Pain..

My muscles are in pain right now from playing Wii last night with my friend. We played for two hours and tried almost of the game but the game that really give us all this pain is the boxing. We played like pro and acting like it was real. I could harly get up this morning from all the pain. I already took advil and seems like it was not helping at all. I hope the pain will go away because I need to clean the house before my husband gets home.
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Job Hunting

I am planning to look for a part-time job this coming winter. We seriously need extra income right now. We have so many bills to pay monthly and I needed to save money for our vacation trip next year, if God is willing. Right now, I am willing to take any merchandiser jobs as long as I can earn something. I do not want to rely everything to my husband. Helping him in any ways will help us live comfortably in some ways. My resumes are ready to send and I am crossing my finger to get a job soon!
Anyway, I need to get going now and cook dinner, I’ll continue my job hunting later tonight.
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Nov 5, 2010

Lipofuze Reviews

If you are planning to buy LipoFuze to get rid if your unwanted body fats then you need to visit and read lipofuze reviews. It’s the only website that will give you the complete information of the diet pills including, the history, benefits and side effects. The website also provides some feedback from real people who are currently using the pill or users for a very long time. We all know that you can only determine the best products by reading feedbacks. Please visit their website now and share this information to others, this is a great help for those people who are desperate to lose weight.
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My Little Cowboy

I have not got a chance to post a picture here about my son wearing a cowboy outfit last holloween party. The animated picture that I attached here almost looks like to my son's outfit and since it was almost the same, I decided to used this picture. He looks really cute with his outfit, we had a lot of fun with our trick or treating in town, it was our first time to do that and we will definitely do it again next year!
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Another Chapter Of Her Life

I am very happy to my best friend Sheryl who got married yesterday! I cannot believe we pulled out the wedding nicely and perfect in a very short time of notice. Her husband is from Portugal, he only got three weeks of vacation, and that includes their wedding and their honeymoon. It was crazy preparing the wedding ceremony, we went all through the town to look for wedding dresses, book the reception and find someone who can caters 100 people. We are lucky enough to find all our needs without any problem. To my friend Sheryl, congratulations to you and to your husband Rui! May the Lord poured His blessings to your future family and guide you all the way.
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