Jul 20, 2010

Thank God!

It's been a week now since I went to the doctor to check my ear infection, the infection is finally gone and I stopped taking my pain reliever meds since yesterday and I am very happy and thankful that my ear is getting better after suffering from too much pain. It's still draining right now but it's not hurting anymore and the fluid is already clrear. I pray that my eardrum will close back to normal and my hearing will get better as well. I cannot wait what the specialist will say on the 3oth this month. I hope they can do something to fix my broken eardrum, crossing my finger!
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Jul 15, 2010

Ear Infection

Last Monday we went to the clinic to check my ear. Sunday midnight, my right ear started to itched and then fluid was coming out later on and it's been going until morning. It got worst and worst so my husband called the doctor to make an appointment. Two weeks ago, while taking shower with my son, he accidentally put water in my ear and it got infected by some reasons. The doctor said, both my eardrum are broken and the one that is hurting is the new one. She gave me some antibiotic and its been 3 days now still the fluid is coming out with blood but it is not hurting anymore. I am going to see my specialist this coming 3oth and I pray they can fix my ear, I need to get back with my hearing, I am still young and I don't want to use hearing aid at my age, its too early!
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Halo Halo Is Perfect!

Yesterday and today I made this very delicious Filipino dessert. The attached picture here is not mine, I grabbed it in the Filipino website but my halo halo looks exactly as what in the picture, this dessert is very good on summer, it will refresh yourself from being too hot. I ate this a lot when I was younger and I am so happy that I was bale to find the ingredients in the Asian store last week. I have enough halohalo for whole summer and I loved it!
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What A Beautiful Day!

It's early in the morning here but the sun is up and shining! I am so happy to finally got sunlight after 3 days of raining, now I can bring my son outside and play in his tiny pool. I wanted to enjoy this day and spend time under the sun. I am going to work outside too in my garden and clean our front yard, it's going to be a busy day for us here!
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Jul 7, 2010

Full Of Schedule!

July is the busiest month for us here, our weekend was full for activities and I am loving it! I would rather be busy like this than doing nothing. I will take advantage all the possibilities to enjoy this schedule while we still can because on winter we cannot do all the things we wanted to do because of the freezing temperature. This weekend will be going to the big city with my filipina friend and then next week to attend the dance show and then next week after that, we are going to celebrate my husband's birthday in the amusement park, its going to be a fun vacation for all of us!
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