Jun 27, 2008

Good Luck Sarah and John Lloyd!

I'm a big fan of young star singer Sarah Geronimo, since she started working in music industry I don't missed watching her show nor buying every single of her album. I simply like her voice so much and very down to earth young woman! cheerful and sincere..I am reading some recent news about her and so excited knowing that her and John Lloyd Cruz ( one my favorite actor) had an upcoming movie intitled "A Very Special Love" directed by the most respected directors Cathy Garcia-Molina and will be shown in theaters on July 30. I wish I was in Philippines on that day so I can watch it. Sarah doesn't have any boyfriends yet at her age 19 and I can't wait to read who would be that lucky guy to be her first boyfriend. Anyway whoever that is, i just hope it would last forever and that she won't get hurt or something.. Good luck Sarah and John Lloyn for your upcoming movie...
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Jun 17, 2008

Chicken Adobo

yup! chicken adobo is our viand for todays lunch. its my husband's favorite too especially if you add lots of ginger and red bell pepper, he can eat chicken adobo everyday but i only cook it once a week to balance his diet. good thing baby sleeps all the time then i have enough time to cook lunch and so some house chores. I need to get going now before hubby gets home. if you want to eat chicken adobo come and visit me here hehehehehe!
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Sweet boy..

I woke up so early today because my baby has been kicking trying to wake me up, I tried to ignored him but when I look at him, he gave me this sweet smile from his face...even if I am so sleepy i held him and play with him..after one hour of playing with my baby, i feed him and he went back to sleep and so i am hehehehehe.we both sleep good and woke up late..what a sweet baby, he keep me real busy but im loving it!
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Jun 9, 2008

My first mash potato:-)

Its my first time to cook mash potato and it turns out really good. My husband likes it a lot and he wants me to cook it again ....before I cook that, he told me to add garlic co'z he like garlic mash potato so I did what he said and so glad that i did it well.. its really delicious! I am not fond of eating mash potato but I am amazed with myself eating a big bunch of potato mash! now we I need to buy more potatoes because we dont have enough for mash potato. Thank to my friend (ate tess) who taught me how make it.
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Jun 4, 2008

Chilly day...

I woke up so early today because my sister called me..we have been talking on phone for an hour and I cound't sleep back after that as well as my baby..I decided to make my breakfast and put my baby and his swing. After I ate my breakfast, I feed my baby too and he sleeps back.I went outside to water my only one flower front in our house and oh boy its so chilly out there! I wonder why when it's already summer..anyway i turn on the heater and finally feel warmer now..
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