Sep 7, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We got home late last night because of my friend son's birthday. We went to their place which is 2 hours drive from where we live and spent almost 4 hours celebrating the birthday party. we had lots of fun and of course so full! i'm happy to see them after long time without seeing each other, her and me had the same month of delivery, she had a baby girl and i had a baby is lot bigger and heavier than her baby, but its normal though because girls usually that way. anway, we decided to stay at home today. i cook beef barbecue outside on the stick with vegetables on it and then make salad with watermelon hhmmm so yummy! my husband loves my cook, he said im his most favorite cook! hahahaha. of course because im his wife..we're done eating and both us are full as well the baby because i nurse him after i ate..his sleeping right now as well as his daddy..:-)
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