Aug 25, 2011

ERP Jobs

I was browsing yesterday for an ERP Jobs here in our town and hoping to find one and luckily I found one. I already sent the application to my cousin and hopefully he can get the job. He wanted to move close to us but he cannot move anywhere until he’ll find a job first. I hope everything will work out because I have never been close to any of my family or relatives and it would be nice to have someone close to me. My husband is also trying to get him an application from the company where he was currently working and whoever accepts him first, that is where he is going to work and I am crossing fingers that one of them will call him soon.
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Aug 23, 2011

Mom And Me

Contributed by Johnny Graves

My mom and I had always talked about going into business together but I guess I really didn’t think she was all that serious about it until recently. She kept saying how she wanted to open a bakery or something and since she’s a really good baker I just took it with a grain of salt but then she called me 6 months ago and told me she’d bought one. A bakery! Anyway, now we’re running this place together and it’s been a labor of love, to say the least. It’s a hassle and a half trying to run your own business and I’ve been put in charge of a lot of the logistic stuff like going to to get us internet and calling the security guy to come out and fix the alarm. Business is slowly growing, though, so I’m happy with our decision and hope our little bakery that could will just keep on going and going. I love being my own boss and I know my mom feels the same way!
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Karaoke Mood!

I've been singing Rihanna's songs since this morning, particularly the song Love the Way You Lie, part two. I don't know why I love to sing this song when I have not experience the lyrics of the song. I guess it has to do with me loving music so much and admiring Rihanna a lot hehehehehe. Anyway, I recorded an audio of me singing the song but I do not know to upload it here which is a good thing then I don't have any choice but not to share it lol! how about you? what kind of music do you like?

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Aug 18, 2011

New Phone For Me!

I was really surprised when Jason got home with a new mobile phone. I have been asking him to buy iphone for quite a while and he finally did. I am still working on how to use the apps and download some. I loved my new phone so much and I am so lucky to be able to have one of the phones that I have been yearning for.
I know some of you here do not have the same phone like mine and this is your chance now to upgrade your old phone because the attached link that I am sharing in this post will lead you to a website where you can buy affordable iphone. That is where my husband got mine and I hope you can also get yours because opportunity like these comes once in a while only.
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Aug 11, 2011

Medical Air Evacuation

I felt badly for my friend who lost her husband few weeks ago. She ended up paying a huge debt because of her husband being so sick before he died and none of it was covered by any medical insurance since they do not have one. Just before her husband died, they uses an air evacuation to transport her husband to the hospital and just for that service, it cost them a lot of money. I really feel bad for her; I hope and pray that everything will turn our right for her and for her kids.
Anyway, the reason why I am telling you all these because I want you to realized how important to have a good health insurance, you do not know what our future holds and by having medical insurance, you are rest assured that everything will be alright if one of your family member is not in a good condition. However, you need to make sure that you know all the benefits in your medical insurance company and hat it includes medical air evacuation in case you needed one someday. I am lucky to be covered in a good health insurance; otherwise, we cannot afford to have a regular check-up.
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PLS Come!!

We're having a garage sale this comin weekend for the first time and hopefully you guys could come because we have lots of stuff that you might need. We are selling some furnitures, baby's stuff and so many more that I could not remember because there are lots of them. We have this huge shop that ful of al kinds of goodies. I really hope some of my friends could come because this is our first garage sale and we are very excited! Anyway, I just want to make a quick update here, I need to get going and prepare for the big weekend!
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Aug 3, 2011

Party For The Girls!

My best friend will be getting married in two months, she is currently busy preparing for his wedding but she did not know that we are also busy preparing for her Bachelorette party. I am coordinating with our other friend to organize the party. We already sent the Bachelorette Party Invitations to all our girl friends; we just need few things to make the party perfect. This is going to be fun since the theme of our party is kind of naughty. We specifically inform the girls to wear their best lingerie. We wanted to my friend to enjoy her last moment of being a single. This is also a surprise party for her, so do not worry about me, writing it here because she did not know about this website of mine. I hope she will enjoy this party that we are preparing for her because my friends and I worked hard to throw her the best bachelorette party.
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