Sep 29, 2010

New Hair Style

Just got a new hair cut today, it's my mother in-law who picked the style and I loved it! I promised not to cut my hair again but once again, I broked that promised! i guess it's hard to keep your hair long if you have short hair for years and not use with long hair anymore, plus you have 2 yr old boy who messed it up all the time:-)
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Natural Male Enhancement

For years, the demand for natural male enhancement products has risen significantly, simply because consumers want safer, healthier options to ensure they are not putting harmful ingredients in their body. It is important for male to find those pills that will satisfy their needs and at the same time safe to use. Most of the prescription male enhancement drugs tend to carry adverse side effects that can place patient in serious gander unlike the natural male enhancement products, they are safer and not needing a prescription, affordable, improved energy, increased stamina, greater size and thickness.
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Sep 23, 2010

Hydroponic Systems

My garden this year is not doing as good as last year. I heard this same comment from friends here in this side of Washington State. I guess it has something to do with how much rain we had last summer and how late our spring started warming up. So in short, we had a short growing season. Yet, It is getting cold now here and pretty soon it is going to freeze up and there goes my tomatoes that just recently started getting ripe. If I just have an indoor garden where I can control the temperature, but that is too fancy. Although I heard of this hydroponic systems that is getting popular because it makes it possible to plant indoor just using the mineral nutrient from water. So, no messing and digging with soil. I am getting really curious about this and have seen some kits sold online. I might try hydroponic one of this days, so I don’t have to worry about season change.
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I am very happy to see my in-laws today, i do not have any idea that they are almost in our place. Two days ago, they said they are going to camping and we might not be able to contact them and we beleived them! I am shocked and surprised when they called and letting us know that they are going to be in our place in few minutes. Thankfully, the house is already clean and I took shower this morning:-) I miss them terribly!
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Neat And Clean

I am very pleased and excited with our new home office furniture. I cannot stop myself looking at it, I so love the unique style and the comfort. Our office looks so clean and neat and we finally get rid some of the clutter. We still need to buy office chairs but right now; we can temporarily use the old one while saving for that chair. There are still lots of things that I wanted to buy but because we are not that financially stable we have to wait till we have enough savings.
Anyway, if you know someone who is thinking of remodeling their office, tell them to visit the attached link here, they are the suppliers of large and small with high quality, affordable office furniture solutions.
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Sep 14, 2010

Calcium Supplement For Mom

My mom and I went to a pharmacy just down town because she has ran out of her vitamins. I found out she is only taking a regular multivitamins all these years. Being graduated from medical field, I know that women especially after age 30 needs calcium supplements, that is to build strong bones and/or prevent osteoporosis. It took us few minutes to find the right calcium supplements for her, as not all vitamins work the same. So we asked the Pharmacist and he give us ideas on choosing the right calcium supplement. I am glad I went with my mom to the pharmacy that time and I also learned something new from the Pharmacist.
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Goodnight People

I am ready to hop in my bed now, I am very sleepy since this afternoon, I already take a nap but I still want to sleep more and I cannot wait to hug my pillow and snuggle in my favorite blanket. I'm done with my online stuff and so ready to sleep..have a goodnight sleep everyone and sleep well!
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Eye Wrinkle Creams

For few weeks of using eye wrinkle creams, I can already see huge changes in both of my eyes. My skin around my eye is much clearer and smooth. I am very happy and excited because my money is well spent. I am thinking of buying the same thing to my mother and to my older sister. I am pretty sure they will love it too!
The hours that I spent reading reviews and feedback before buying was indeed the right thing. I picked the right one that works on my skin and at the same time affordable. If you too, are planning to buy eye wrinkle cream, you should follow what I did. Visit several website to read information, gather all that, narrow down and pick the one that fits you!
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It's What All I Need

Sleep is essential for a person’s healthy and wellbeing. Yet countless of people do not get enough sleep like myself. It’s almost a week now since I am experiencing sleep disorder and it slowed down my energy, flattened my emotional responses, affects my memory and an inability to be multitask and as a full time wife and a mother, I need to have all the energy to be able to do my daily routine. I have been holding myself not to drink sleeping pills, hoping that I can get back on my normal hours of sleep but I think it’s time to go to the store and find the best over the counter sleep aid and get over with this horrible sleep disorder. My husband and my 2 year old rely on me and I cannot let my husband do my responsibility here at home when he already works more than 10 hours a day.
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Grilles Eggplant Salad

I was craving for this yummy salad yesterday. I harvested green tomato out from my garden, grilled one eggplant and there it is! a simple and easy grilled eggplant salad. It doesn't take me very long to make this dish but I have a very satisfied and full stomach hehehehe.
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The Truth About Açaí

Are you aware that Açaí is not a diet product but antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial? It is actually one of the healthiest foods on earth but not a diet product. Therefore, if you saw or heard and advertisement that this fruits can lose weight, you better not to believe it! I am not aware about this until I read the acai reviews today at It’s unbelievable how people are trying to deceive someone that this fruits can actually lose weight just to earn quick bucks. The bottom line is, Acai berry will help to make your body healthier, but does not directly contribute to weight loss. Please visit the attached link of this post for more information, thank you.
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Sep 10, 2010

Auto Insurance Quote

To have a secure life and beneficial future it is necessary for every person to have auto coverage. There are hundreds of companies providing car coverage today. Each and every company has its own policy but not all of them offering low insurance payment, which is why, it’s important to search cheap auto insurance quote first and narrow your list before deciding to get one. The link that I provided in this post has all the information you need regarding cheap car insurance coverage. In addition to tips on saving money, they also offer informative articles about how to avoid road rage, and what you should do if you are in an accident, among other topics. Visit their website now to read more information for your own benefits.
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Sep 1, 2010

Got Stuck!

We got stucked outside our house today. We are ready to go to town with my friend and suddenly her car won't start. She forgot to turn off the light that causes the battery to shut down. We called few people to help but only her husband was able to help us. All she needs was a jumper cable and it only takes few seconds to do it but it took us an hour to wait for her husband hehehehe
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Time To Buy One!

I have at least 5 usb already in my drawer and I still have more files to store but I wanted to buy the external hard drive first. The usb that I have been using don’t have enough space, I can only save few files and then done. I definitely need the one that can store many files, in that way, I don’t have to worry keeping this tiny usb and misplacing them all the time.
I cannot wait to go the store tomorrow and buy the new usb hard drives. I also need few things to buy in the store before weekend, we are going to have a small barbecue party this coming Friday with my friends here in our place and I am still not ready for anything.
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Rack Mount Computer

If you are currently looking for a rack mount computer then you might want to visit They are the premier provider of both custom and COTS integrated systems for the industrial, embedded and military marketplace. Their design and manufacture of their system was design by engineers to make sure they maintain the strict revision control over their entire product line. The company staff are working hard to provide the best quality for your needs, so please if you know someone who needs these kind of products, share this information or click the attached link in this post for more information, thank you.
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