Aug 31, 2007

Happy Weekend

There’s a big fair in town tonight as what my husband said but when I asked him what’s in that fair, he just answered to me” you will know tonight”. I really don’t have any idea what’s going on but hopefully I won’t feel sick when we will go there. I woke up this morning with my mother in-laws voice, she called me and check me if I am okay since I feel sick yesterday, and that’s the reason why I wasn’t able to post and entry here. But anyway now I feel a lot better and I have to so I will know what’s in the big fair in town. Plus I don’t want to disappoint my husband. That’s all for today, and hope everyone will have a very memorable weekend. God bless us all. And advance happy Sabbath to all SDA’s.
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Aug 29, 2007


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My new Painting

Good morning fellas! I just want to share with my new painting. I still have some of it but it’s not done yet, I might have to pay more attention with that this coming winter were I can’t make so much activity outside. I find painting very entertaining. It’s a therapy when you are stress or bored. It’s hard to paint if you are first timer like me but if you are really willing to learn new things, you will find it very challenging and interesting.
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Aug 28, 2007

Lesson for today:-)

Hi guys, hope you have a very memorable weekend. Well, I have been busy and just got time to sit here and post and entry. Last Sunday me and my husband are busy preparing for Filipino potluck. He helped me doing all the cooking. I cooked chicken Adobo and jasmine rice. We went there 30 minutes early from the meeting time but we keep on looking around for more 2 hours but we didn’t find them. SO we thought that they changed plan and didn’t make it. So what we did we just do our own little picnic in the lake. The view is very nice though, its look like a beach. After we ate, we headed home and dropped in fruits stand to buy some fruits. When we got home I called my friend I leave a message about everything. After 2 hours she called me and felt sorry, co’z we misunderstood the address. She meant Deep BAY PARK not STATE PARK, that’s the reason why we didn’t make it L they keep on waiting for us too and when we didn’t show up after 2 hours they just started eating. She feels really bad that we traveled almost an hour and we are not able to find them.
What they did, they send me a bunch of vegetables and fruits and that’s good thing co’z then we don’t need to buy fruits and vegetables. It’s nice to have some friends here co’z then you have free vegetables and fruits hehehehehehe. My friend set another schedule to invite us for dinner but this time it should be only us. We will have a meeting again this coming December so hopefully we will be able to find them at that time.

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Aug 24, 2007

Bizarre Foods In Asia

I watched this show last night were a person went to a certain places where he can find a very unusual food in all over the world and it was happen that he’s in Asia and showing all kinds of food stuff. I’ve seen lots of foods that people don’t usually eat. My husband feels upset in his tummy when he saw that person eating a raw heartbeat of a frog with blood all over. I feel surprised too knowing those lots of people in Asian ate very unusual foods like snake, bugs, worms, etc and take note, they ate raw, and they never cook it. They just add some seasonings. They said that it’s good for your health but whatever they aid I don’t think I can try eating at least one of the stuff they eat. I can’t even eat a medium steak, how much more a raw weird stuff! Ewww! I am Asian and I am proud of that but I don’t eat weird and exotic foods.
I am actually waiting for them to show about Philippines since that person visit Philippines too, but they didn’t. It’s maybe because they can hardly find unusual foods in my country hehehehehe. I know there are some people who ate exotic foods in Philippines too but I am pretty sure they cook it first. Well anyway, the show is very interesting co’z they are not only showing Asia’s food but also all over the world. Hope you guys will watch it too.

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Aug 23, 2007

Hi guys!

Are you guys are fond of watching game show? I love game show so much, as if I feel like I am competing against the contestant hehehehe. Me and my hubby are just the same and we both competing each other but of course I always won co’z he just let me winJ we used to play all kinds of games as well, like cards, and etc..I always won co’z I cheated sometimes hehehehehe but I can’t beat my husband in chessL he is so smart that I can’t beat him but that’s alright. Well, our favorite game show is Family fued, we watch it everyday and if it is over we watch some other shows like survivorman or things which is interesting.

We always rent a movie too, in one week we rented 6 movies and most of the films that we liked is action, comedy and adventure and sometimes fiction. Viewing films is quite entertaining and you can also learned something from it. I think that’s all for today. See you guys later and please leave some message for me in my tag board. Thanks!
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Aug 22, 2007

Silverwood( Idaho)

Me and my husband are looking something for fun.and since my husband likes roller coaster we decided to find an amusement park which is nearby and we found this very nice and exciting one in Idaho "SILVERWOOD" . It is 4 hours drive from home. I've never been into a huge amusement park and I just feel so excited when I entered the place especially when the man is trying to entertain us in his different tricks about fire and balls and etc. I just feel so happy and exciting that I can't wait to try all the rides. Finally we came inside where you can ride everything and oh man, it is very scary co'z it's very huge, it was bigger than what i thought! I feel scared riding the rides for the first time but I was surprised that after trying all the rides I wanted to ride it again and again. I really enjoy all the rides especially this squirrel thing. It's fun when you squirl people and at the same time they squirl you back. The people who worked their are very friendly and thats a big bunos for me since I am a filipino. We stayed their for the whole day and trying to enjoy ourselves as much we can. and I must say that I enjoyed staying there and everythings worth! The price is not that expensive it is very economical. We got the price for $27.50 we got a discount from the hotel where we stayed at and for that price you can ride all the rides for the whole day.If you want more information check this site . Today is the perfect time for you to enjoy! enjoy the sunny day and have fun with your loveones. Have a good day!
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totally awake!

I know most of you guys are still in bed, dreaming:-) well I am wide awake right now. My husband leaves early for work,he used to hug and kiss me before he leave and called me when he got to his office, so now I can't sleep back and decided to just logged in here. I am so happy when my husband got home yesterday,first he gave me a gift card in Macy from one of his friend at work. She gave that card as gift for helping her during the company picnic.And then my husband said that my mother in-law has a surprised for me. I am so excited and keep on bragging him to tell me what's her surprised ,until he finally gave up and told me some clue. It's a guitar! music plays a big role in my life. My husband gave me a keyboard and now I will have a guitar so it's perfect! I am not a good player though thats why I wanted to have my own guitar for me to learn more. Well,I cna't wait to have that soon!
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wanna save?

Now that the cost of mailing a letter---or a bill payment---has a risen to 41 cents, it's time to take a fresh look at money-saving altenatives. Sure, you can stay one step ahead of future postal rate increases by buying a supply of the new " forever" stamps,which are guaranteed to be good for mailing a first-class, no matter how high rates go in the future. But why not save the money you'd spend on stamps and checks, and pay your bills directly from your bank acount? there are two main options.
ONLINE BILL PAYMENT This is similar to wrting and amiling a check each month, except you do it all alone. Many banks offer online bill-paying services at little or no cost. You can set up an account information for all your monthly bills and, when those bills come in the mail each month, simply go online and make the payments. Altenatively, you may be able to go the the website of each company that sends you a bill and make your payment electronically there.
DIRECT PAYMENT You can authorize that funds be autimatically withdrawn from your bank account for regurlar bills such as your mortgage, utilities,car payment and credit cards. There is usually no cost for this service. To get started, you'll need to enroll with the companies that send you monthly bills, authorizing them to debit funds from your account. Either way, the savings can add up. The national Authomated Clearinghouse Association estimates that an avergae household receives 20 bills each month. paying thress-qarters of those electronically--15 bills a month could save $73.80 a yea in postage, not to mention the cost of 180 checks.
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being emotional

Today I watched a competition called “America’s Got Talent” hundreds of people or even more are tried for an audition and I must say that everyone has a great talent and some of them just trying to show what they’ve got when in fact they’ve got nothing and that’s a true courageous person, I admired those people. It’s quite funny watching it but on the other hand I feel sad when some of them can’t make it to the final. My weakness watching reality show is that I am too emotional especially when the contestant is crying when he or she was eliminated. There’s no way for me to be a judge at all….I easily carried with my emotion. It’s sad to know that lots of people are trying to be someone but they can’t make it.

Every corner on this earth millions of people got a talent; it could be a singing, dancing, acting, modeling, etc...But whatever you had you and me are both created by God with a very special and unique talent. There’s no reason for us to be hesitate to show what we had and proved that we’ve got something that no one has. It might not good enough for others but as long as you’ve done it with a better purpose and because you love what you are doing then you’ve got to show it! For those people who failed to try something new I must tell you to keep on moving and I am pretty sure that you/me have a fantastic hidden talent!
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Aug 16, 2007


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I am thankful!

I am thankful of my friends that are very nice to me. I am just very new in blogging and i am confuse what to write. But i try my best to do what i can do. Hoping there are some are nice enough to help me do this. Have a good reading time.
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Hello everyone welcome to my new blog. Hope you will enjoy being here.
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