Mar 31, 2008

Good Morning!

I sleep goood today and I'm happy about it..even if it's still cloudy outside. I just woke up now and ready to make my breakfast. My husband calle dme twice already today, he keep checking on me since he knew I was having a hard time with my belly now..I am so happy and lucky to have a husband who always spoiled me with everything..anyway last Saturday is my baby showe..if you want to read about it..visit my other blog. " Self Motivation", you can find it at the right side of this blog, at the top of our picture. Thanks and have a great day!
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Mar 29, 2008

Spoiled Wife:-)

It's Saturday and I'm supposed to be in church but due to my pregnancy, I prefer to just stay at home and relax and sit in my laptop and visit my co -bloggers..Early this morning my husband woke me up with breakfast in bed:-)...he cooked sausages with Cinnamon bread on it and potatoes. And right after we ate, he then rushed to the kitchen and clean his mess and my mess from last night cooking. He clean the counter top of our kitchen, wipe all the furniture's and then lastly, vacuum the floor while me, sitting here in our bed and visiting my friends:-) I asked him if he needs help but he said no, just stay there..Anyway, the doctor told us too to let me stay in bed and don't do anything that can trigger contractions since the baby's head is on the way out and I'm still 37 weeks pregnant. We have to make sure to keep the baby longer than Check Spellingthat..that's why I'm here, doing nothing and just waiting for my food..I don't like to be this way though..I honestly don't feel good in my belly anymore, seems like the skin in my belly is giving up, so thin and feels like burning' every time I touch it..

Oh well, the baby worth it..My husband done with his cleaning so I'll guess I have to take shower now since we have to go out in town later..thanks for reading this entry and have a great day!
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Mar 25, 2008

Before I got pregnant..

This is me before I got pregnant mura ug kalag! if you had to look at me now, I look so different. Just imagine, I gained 60 pounds now with a very very short hair. If you had to look at my back, I look like a pregnant man lolz! just imagine none of my clothes fits me now..I honestly regret for cutting my long straight hair. I learned a lesson, at least now I know how I look like with a short hair and I promise I won't do it again..ill let my hair grow back now..
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Mar 21, 2008

How Long Do I have to wait??

The last time we visit my doctor, my cervix is still close which means I can't have my baby within this month everybody wants to see my baby now including me and hubby..I am so excited how he looks like. Sometimes I can't sleep thinking about it. My husband is so funny, he tried to talked with my baby yesterday while we're watching shows in TV, it's so funny because when he said " give me five little man " the baby kicks my belly twice! he moves a lot and my belly is waving ug sa ato nagbalud2. We keep laughing because seems like the baby understood what his daddy has been talking about. My husband sang ABC which is really funny because he messed up in the middle of the song We sang together but we both messed up hehehehe. I told him, we need to practice ABC song before our baby will come out.
Anyway, tomorrow is my prenatal check up again. Hopefully my cervix is already open para manganak nako hehehehehe even if my doctor don't want me to have my delivery this month. If you can see my belly, the skin is really thin now. I have lots of stretch marks even if I didn't scrath my belly . My mother in-law always told me" don't worry, your baby worth it"..It really doesn't matter anyway if I have all kinds of stretch marks as long as my baby is healthy and hopefully maliwat sa papa..enough now..I need to eat my breakfast now..ciao!
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Mar 20, 2008

Good MOrning friends..

I sleep well tonight and thats because hubby don't go to work today due to my prenatal schedule which around 3:15 in the afternoon. You see, everytime hubby goes to work he usually wake uo around 3:00 in the morning adn before he leave he'll kiss and hug me and then call me again when het gets to his office so it takes me a while to sleep back..but today, we both sleep well and just woke up now..I didn't cook anything for our breakfast since he is not use to have one anyway. We might just eat a muffin or maybe dinner rolls with cheese on it. Sounds yummy?? hehehehehehe. Oh well, I'm lazy to cook so no choice..
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Mar 18, 2008

Good morning

I woke up so early today but it's not a bad thing since I'll deliver my baby soon. It would be a great help for me by the time I'll have him (baby). Yestreday we finally hooked up our high speed internet so that makes me really happy and excited to explore more things online And of course I can visit my friends now often unlike before, I could hardly visit them because it takes a while to open each blogs..Hope you guys sleep well last night..Have a great day to all of you..
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Mar 3, 2008

Good Morning

It's Monday again! I know most us were busy working but for us who work at home as a fulltime housewife monday is just a regular day for need to hurry just to go to work or something. We can sleep whenever we want. All we need to do is to wake up to prepare food for ourselves and later lunch for hubby. Isn't that exciting?? hehehehehe. Anyway, I woke up not so late today and right after i get up from bed, I took my shower and then eat my breakfast so now I am all refresh! It feels good when you smell good early in the morning..
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