Oct 7, 2008

Happy day!

Its been quite a while since I wrote something here and I guess it’s time to for me to update this blog of mine. I have been so busy here lately taking care of my 5 months old baby, he crawled a lot now and likes to sleep late but I am enjoying though because he is very funny, making all kinds of funny faces. He likes to feel your face, hug and kissed you. He is indeed a sweet baby. I hope and pray that he will grow up into a fine man with respect to his parents and people surround him.
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Oct 2, 2008

So sad..

I called to my friend today and she mentioned me about watching child birth in youtibe and decided to watch it too. I came across at one of the women there who delivered her baby and loss it after a week. I feel really sad and sorry for both of them, I know how hard to deliver a baby and excting to feel them. I tried not to cry but I did, i am really touched and i can feel how hard for the parents to lost the baby after having them. i am so thankful to God that He protected my baby when I had him and he was born healthy...
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Oct 1, 2008

worn out..

We just got home from my dental schedule and we all worn out for todays agenda. After my 2 hours in the dentist clinic, we went to the mall and bought stuff for the baby. My husband bought him a new play yard for him to play with when everybody is busy. At night time he can sleep in his crib and he can play in his play yard during day time, its the only place where we know he is safe whatever happens. Every corner in our house is full of baby's stuff, he is indeed a spoiled baby. His daddy buy everything he needs even if he was still inside my belly. I am so blessed and thankful having a wonderful man in my life..thank you Lord.
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