Sep 26, 2011

Calgary Apartments For Rent

Five years from now, the mining company where my husband is currently working will be over and if they cannot find a new area to mine here in our town, their office will be completely shut down and people who worked there do not have any choice but to find a job somewhere else. Right now, we are considering moving somewhere in Calgary since it is the only area closer to our place here and a place where my husband can continue working in the company. They open a new site in Calgary and my husband has a choice whether to work there or not. According to his manager, they would love to hire him in the new site and willing to pay for our moving expenses if we decide to move there. My husband already checking these Calgary apartments for rent and his thinking to maybe rent one of their apartment and then keep our place here, it is only 2 hours drive from where we lived so our plan is that, my husband will stay in the apartment and if my son and I decides to stay there, we can drive over and drive back every two weeks or so. This is going to be hard not seeing everyday but we don’t have any choice right now. This is just a plan because we do not know yet, maybe they’ll find a new mining site here and that is what I am hoping for, I am crossing my finger!
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Goodbye summer!

It's officially fall here in our place! The leaves is falling off, tress changes colors and temperature is dropping! It rains outside right now that makes you want to lay in bed all day long! I love the sound of the raindrops, I don't know why but raindrops sound helps me fall asleep quicker. This is the first rain since summer and I am happy because the ground needs it. Pretty soon the ground will turn white and I am excited because my son is looking forward to build snow man again.
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Sep 14, 2011

Term life Insurance Quotes and Rates

Do you know anybody who is currently looking for a term life insurance quotes and rates? If so, then you might want to share this The website provides all the information you need when it comes to life insurance policies and benefits. I know searching for the best insurance policy is a hard job, which is the main reason why this website was created to narrow down the best insurance company and give all the details information about their company just to help you decide which one that fits you well. You can even ask question directly to their people in their live chat section. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and check them out!
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Trailer Hitches

My in-law who was planning to move back here in two months is looking for trailer hitches but they wanted to visit us first before they moved back here and bring their trailer with some of their things. They’re specifically looking for a multi-fit receiver hitch to make sure it will fit well to their vehicle and to the trailer.
Anyway, I am excited to see them again, its’ been a while since we spent time together. If it was not because of my father in-law who needs medical attention, we would have seen them more often. We miss them terribly and I am praying for the soon recovery of my dear father in-law.
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Nice And Warm

It's nice and warm outside and I wish I knew how to drive so I can take my son to the lake and do some fishing! I wanted to enjoy this remainin few weeks of sunny days because pretty soon we will have snow again. I am not quite ready for winter yet but nobody can change the nature! Anyway, my son just done playing bubble bath and it's time to dry him out. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless us all!

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Sep 12, 2011

Pottery Barn Coupons

I am thankful to my sister in-law for introducing me to the potty barn because now, I can use the pottery barn coupons and save money. I have been into pottery for months now and I love doing it. It entertains my day and of course it added some beauty to my home by making different designs of vases. I am planning to continue of making vases and maybe sell some on prospector’s day. My neighbor is already asking me if I can make her a pair of vases, she’s willing to pay and wait until I get it done. I am still undecided which pattern should I use but I already have few designs and in my mind and I am crossing my finger, she will like it because she is my first customer and first impression is very much important! Wish me luck guys! I am really looking forward this small business of mine.
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Sep 1, 2011

Thank You Gift Ideas

Do you owe so much to someone that you need to give them something back? Well, why won’t you visit and check out their amazing thank you gift ideas. I once received this thank you presents from my sister in-law and I am telling you, it does made my day so much better! The berries are beautifully crafted. This gift is perfect especially to those people who are health conscious. The berries were covered with chocolate but its fruits inside which is healthier than giving them a box of chocolate. I can guarantee you, everyone who receives this gifts will be really happy!
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I Can Feel It!

Early this morning I went outside to throw the garbage and I can tell that winter will be here soon. The air is chilly that I have to go back inside and wear warm clothes. I am not so thrilled about it but I know this winter would be fun since my friend and I will be going to the ski resort again and ski with our family. This time I will try not to get scared and make sure that my son will do the same thing.

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