Feb 25, 2011

I'm Lucky!

I cannot thank my husband enough for being so good and kind to me as well as to my family. He surprised me this morning with a pair of diamond stud earrings. I cannot believe when I found the box in our bedside table wrapped in a white ribbon. I thought it’s a wrist watch or something. The earrings are just so stunning and sophisticated; this is my first time receiving a diamond earrings. I wanted an earring like this for quite sometime now but I did not bug my husband because I know how expensive they are. However, this morning, my wish came true! I did not know that he has been saving to buy the earrings. He said, it’s his present for our wedding anniversary. To you my dear husband, thank you for you completed my life. I love you.
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Feb 18, 2011

Work Gloves

I am currently looking for a work gloves right now, the winter will be over soon which means, a short time of preparation for our shop renovation. I do not want to just sit inside the house and watch my husband working; I wanted to help even just a little bit. I know it is not my line but I am willing to learn to get the job done faster and to lessen my husband’s work. We are planning to hire few people too to help the renovation. I had few gloves in the garage but I needed more in case someone needs it. I also need to order safety helmets and boots. There are so many things that needs to be done, this is going to be a busy year for us!
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Kids Kids!

why does kids likes lollipop? My son is addicted to it, he can eat the whole package of lollipop if you'll let him but I only gave him one stick in one day. He keep asking for more but I keep saying no too. I don't want him to eat too much sweet because I don't want him to lose his teeth. I always make sure I brush his teeth everyday especially right after he ates sweets stuff. He is a silly boy because the only thing he asked when he talked to his grandparents is that, if they have lollipop!
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I'm Desperate!

I am considering of using acne cream to get rid my acne finally. After my Tympanoplasty surgery, I suffered from hormonal changes due to the medicine that they are using while undergoing the surgery. Pimples beginning to appeared three weeks after the surgery. At first, I though it was only temporary and will disappear soon but it’s been two months already since the pimples appearance and I still has it. It mostly in my left chick where close to the ear. I don’t know what is really the reason behind this horrible skin problem but I am very desperate to get rid my acne. Right now, I am still looking for the best acne products and hopefully I can get the one that will solve my skin problem because I will be going home soon to meet my family back home and I wanted to look nicer.
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Cheap Phenphedrine

Still undecided, which diet pills is best to use? If so, then why not try this cheap phenphedrine? The pill is cheap yet very effective. If you are skeptical, then click the attached link above and read the information. The maker of this pills uses high formula to ensure the effectively of the pill and of course to make their customer happy. Countless of people have been using this pill already and now it’s your turn to try it. There is no harm in trying but remember to eat healthy foods and do the proper exercise after taking this pill for best results.
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Sun Finally!

We finally got sunshine here! it is very tempting to go outside because it looks so warn and nice but boy, this sunshine could be very deceiving because according to my eather forecast it's 34F outside. I know it's still freezing because the snow is not melting even though the sun is out. I cannot wait the to get warmer so Alex and me can play outside, we're stucked in the house since Novermber and I had enough already.
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Sleeping Pills

Just recently, I am having a hard time falling sleep due to our upcoming vacation trip. I got too excited that makes me awake most of the night, I cannot stop thinking myself being in my home town, meeting my family, relatives and friends while eating the foods that I have been craving for a very long time. I am considering of taking sleeping pills because I cannot take it anymore. My head is spinning around and I don’t have enough strength to take care my family. Plus I don’t want to go home and meet my family looking like a sick person. I need to look fresh and healthy. I already placed my order online and hopefully it will get here soon to I can get my full night sleep again.
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Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Most people think that getting rid of your fat belly is the hardest thing to do but just recently, I discovered how easy to get rid of belly fat if you follow the simple and easy steps. My belly is the most affected area in my body during pregnancy; I have few stretch marks and huge belly. I was discouraged and distress but one of my friend suggested some tips and unbelievably, my belly is almost back as new! The first thing I did, I search for the best diet pills that will helps shed my unwanted body fats, specifically in my stomach and then, I restricted myself from unhealthy foods and of course limit my food intake and lastly, 20 set-ups a day. These three simple steps flatten my belly and I am very happy with the results! You too should try it, if it works for me and it will works for you as well.
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Happy Weekend!

I am very happy that it's weekend again, I am one day closer for our vacation. I cannot believe how time flies so fast, I loved it! I miss my family so much, I never seen them in person for almost four years now and I really wanted to meet them all especially my nieces and nephew, I wonder how big they are now! But one the things that I am really looking forward to, is the food! I cannot wait to filled myself up with the yummy food that I have been craving since I got here in the states. To my family, I am going to meet you all soon!
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New Laptop For Me!

After few months of patience, I can finally disregard the old laptop of mine. This is a four-year-old laptop and I seriously need to upgrade this one for my work online. I don’t mind using old laptop as long as it works perfectly but the one that I am using right now, is always shutting down for no reason. Jason was already checking some custom laptops online and he promised to buy one tomorrow. He said, it is my early present for our wedding anniversary. I am very excited right now because I never thought he would buy one for me since we are in a tight budget. He must have loved me that much!
Anyway, I need to get going now and finish my errands before hubby gets home and oh yeah, if you can give me any suggestion on what laptop is best to buy today, I would really appreciate it, thank you!
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Feb 10, 2011

PC Games

Since my son loves to play games in my computer, I am thinking of buying him a set of educational PC Games on his 3rd birthday. He is very smart at his age being able to know how to play games by himself. I got him a Go Diego Rescue game last month and started to feel bored already. He is still playing it everyday but asking to buy more games for him and that is exactly what I am planning to do on his birthday, I don’t mind buying stuff that will widen his knowledge, I’d rather have him those kind of things than buying unnecessary toys. He got too much toys already and run out of space.
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My Good Boy

The receptionist in the eye doctor clinic, gave alex a sunglasses and a treat for being to well behave inside the clinic, he plays quietly and talked like an adult. He did not throw a feet or acting like a brat, the people are so amazed of how he was for more than an hour waiting for his mommy and daddy. I am proud of my son for behaving himself in a place like that.
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Stay on Your Feet this Winter

I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

Slipping on ice-covered steps or taking a tumble from your porch and ending up in the hospital is probably near the bottom of most folks' winter to-do list. Personal safety risks are usually overlooked with a fair amount of over-confidence until the worst possible scenario plays out. It doesn't take but a moment for you to be setting the alarm from Total Alarm Systems and walking out the front door and then landing in the emergency room. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you and your family are safe when Old Man Winter comes calling. The first is to keep the snow from piling up on your walk-ways. Snow quickly becomes deceptively slippery once it begins to melt and then freezes overnight. The second thing you can do to stay on your feet this winter is to melt ice that develops on your porch or sidewalk with salt designed for the purpose. The third thing is to wear proper footwear. Nonslip boots do a lot to help you stay upright. The last thing you can do to help ensure safe winter pedestrian travel is to walk smart, not fast. Take several small steps instead of large strides. Stay on the least iced-over surfaces you see. A little extra effort is all it takes to stay on your feet.
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Feb 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

Grocery shopping may seem like an everyday task to get kids ready for school, but by grocery shopping in this article, I mean shopping at wholesale stores for food. To get kids ready for school, I am always sure to shop at wholesale stores for my kids. I make sure to buy in bulk, because it saves my family thousands of dollars a year.

I love buying in bulk for my kids. Often, I even take them to the wholesale food store, so they can pick out what they want to eat for the second half of the school year. They often have plenty of fun picking out different fruit snacks or juices they will drink in the upcoming year. For kids, going to the wholesale food store is even an adventure. They get to try out all sorts of samples, which is a sort of fun rush for them. Before we leave for the store, I am always sure to set the home security alarm system from HOME-ALARM-SYSTEMS.com. This way, I can relax and actually enjoy the experience of grocery shopping for my kids.

Overall, grocery shopping in bulk is the way to go, when preparing kids for the next semester. They will feel secure when there is always food in the house. This way, I barely have to leave the house for grocery shopping during the next semester!
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What a Wonderful Day!

What a wonderful day! The sun is out, he house is clean and the little boy is happy! I could not ask for more. I spent a whole day yesterday cleaning the house and it feels good to woke up with a clean house. I plan to maintain this cleanliness for atleast a week, I must say a week because when you have a little boy inside your home, it is kind of hard to maintain your house clean and neat, right?
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Feb 2, 2011

Designer Bridesmaid Dresses

I’ve been browsing for designer bridesmaid dresses for days now and finally found the one that I like. I hope my younger sister will like it too. She will be getting married in two months and she asked me to look for bridesmaids dresses. I am very excited when she asked me to do it because I never got a chance to do this kind of stuff on my wedding day. My husband bought a wedding dress for me but I was not able to wear it because my wedding was unplanned and unexpected. The wedding dress that my husband bought was already passed on to my younger sister and I cannot wait to see her wearing that dress. The style that I picked online for her bridesmaid is very simple yet elegant; it matched the wedding’s theme and her wedding dress. If you are curious how it looks like, you can click the attached link of this post. It’s a green tea strapless full-length dress, you check it out and tell me what you think.
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