Mar 22, 2010

Busy Mom!

I have been so busy today but I felt good after accomplishing lots of things in one day. I am proud that even though I have very limited time to do everything in the house, I was able to do alot of cleaning today. I reached my goals today and tomorrow will be another set of cleaning hehehehehe. I am also excited with my gardening, after years of bugigng my husband he finally start making my green house. Right now, I am waiting my seeds to grow and then hopefully my husband will be done making the green house before the seeds grows tall.
Anyway, I am tired right now and I need to get some shower and realx for a little bit because in few minutes hubby will be here.
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Mar 19, 2010

I Miss It!

The Picture above was taken when my son is still 5 months old, he about 2 years old now and getting really big. I miss cuddling a lil tiny baby, the smell, the smile everything! I am so ready for another one but my husband isn't ready yet. He thinks having a baby is stressful:-) I trie dto convince him a lot of times but he I am getting the same answer. Oh well, I guess I have to wait till he's ready for a second one!
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Mar 17, 2010


This blog has been abandoned for quite a while now and I feel bad about it. My life has been so busy right after having a baby, I don't even have a time to sit too long in the computer but now that my son is getting older, I think I can manage my time to update this blog for atleast 3 times a week or more. I don't do anything that much now and my son likes to play most of the time.
Anyway, there is nothing much happening here with me other than taking care of my family. My son mostly keep me busy all day, there are times he wants me to carry him all the time and to cuddle him. I will show some of his pictures later today..I need to go now and fix dinner, see you guys later!
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