Aug 27, 2010

My Favorite Day!

I always like Friday! It is the only day where I can spend most of the day in front of the computer, I don't have to worry cooking for dinner because hubby always go to town to buy us dinner. And most importantly, Friday is the last day of work! Guys, have a wonderful weekend and God bless.
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Facts About Mesothelioma

Has anyone in your family suffered from this malignant Mesothelioma? If so, then you need to visit This type of disease is hard to deal especially to the host or family who are involved to the patient. You need to know how you got the disease and where did you get it. It is important to know because you might need a lawyer. Most mesothelioma sufferers were unwittingly exposed to deadly asbestos at work, you might get that from your work as well, and if you do, you need to take them to court and pay you what you deserve. You should know your legal rights and get compensation. Your life and your family are at risk if you are suffering from this harmful disease.
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Texas Maritime Lawyers

I am so happy and relieved for my cousin Mark who finally compensated from the injury het got 4 months ago. He worked in the mill mine site down south and while working pouring gold in the finery, the thong fell off directly to his back and broke few of his vertebrae. He does not realized how bad the accident was until his back got swollen and went to the doctor, he undergo major surgery and stayed in the hospital for a month. So, now he cannot work or lift heavy things because he’s back is not the same as before anymore, the incident totally ruined his life. He is not allowed to do things that can trigger the back pain and cannot do the certain fun stuff that he is used to do. Therefore, whatever compensation he got from the company owner of that thong, he deserved it! In fact, he deserves more.
Friends, if you too or know someone who needs a lawyer, give Texas Maritime lawyersa call today, they are the expert lawyers who can solve the problem especially those people who work in the shore or I would say marines. For more information visit their website now.
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Thank God!

Thanks to the DNR an Forest Service Fireman who did all their best to stop the fire. We have a big fire here in our place last night, the fire is like a mile and half from here we lived. I am worried and scared last night because the fire is growing and the wind is blowing like crazy but thankfully all went out now. Thank you Lord for protecting us especially those people who lived much closer to the fire area. Praise God!
The picture I attached here was taken by me last night, that is in front of our place.
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Fine Linens

I have been bugging my husband for a very long time to buy a new mattress in our bed so I can set up the matouk beddings that we bought last Christmas. I do not want to use it until we buy new mattress, they are too nice and fancy for the old mattress. He promised to buy one next month and I am crossing my finger that he will really buy it otherwise, I will not let him to sleep with me for a week:-).
I always like matouk brand they are very comfortable to use and soft to your skin and of course they last longer. My mother in-law own a set for 11 years and that is where I discovered how comfy and durable they are and since then I make a promised to myself to buy a set and I finally did last year, all I need now is a new mattress!
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Aug 26, 2010

Postcard Printing

I have been living in the United States for over three years now yet I still did not able to send postcard to any of my family and friends. They have been asking me to send one especially my neighbors who lived in the province, they wanted to see how my place looks like. Postcard is quite expensive if you have to buy in the store so obviously I need to find a printing for less so I can save money. I need to print at least 50 postcards, I have many friends and neighbors who would gladly received a postcard especially my family. If only my relatives and friends in the province own a computer I would have just sent it through mail, it is less work and a lot cheaper.
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I'm Hungry

Imagine this, My dried fish and vinegar with chili were ready in the table as well as my pinakbet, all I need is rice. When I opened my rice cooker I don't have any rice left! I thought I have left over from yesterday and I am little bit upset to myself when I am all ready to eat and still need to wait for atleast 15 minutes to cook my rice...Oh well, next I should check the rice cooker first before even start to cook anything..
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Time To Shop!

We are going to go to the big city this coming weekend to mail the boxes and since my sister in-law will babysit our son, we might go to the mall as well and shop for clearance clothing. I need to buy more sweaters before winter. I gained weight for the past few months and most of my sweaters are too tight, they are not comfortable to wear anymore and my husband needs to buy working jeans and new shirts. I might also buy snow boots for my son, he is getting big and all his old boots will be too small when winter comes.
This is the first time going somewhere with my husband without our son, this is going to be fun for both us to spend time together without thinking our little boy for at least 5 hours :-).
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Aug 25, 2010

Online Degree Schools

Taking online courses is very convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule or currently working. You can do the coursework at home whatever time you choose. You do not need to travel to the campus to take all your courses. Online Degree Schools is a very good opportunity for people who work full time; students have all the freedom and the time to finish their degree without worrying losing their job. There are still lots of benefits taking online courses, so, if you are in doubts about doing it, you might think it twice again. My husband got his engineering degree online and I must say, it motivated him a lot. For more information about online schools, please visit the attached link here.
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Aug 17, 2010

It Finally Came Out!

I have been waiting for this tomato to came out for a very long time, I thought I could get anything from it. I started to lose my hope but finally, I got one now! I did nto notice this until my husband checked it. The tomato tress was huge and bushy and if it wasn't because of my husband I might be stil frustrated right. I worked hard for this garden and I am very excited!
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Aug 9, 2010

I Wish To Follow

One of my Friend in facebook posted a video about the 104 woman who can still do her daily exercise regularly with having a hard time to do it. She said he secret was eating healthy foods and a strong relationship to God. It touches my heart while watching the video and I wish to do the same thing but growing up eating the foods I want is extremely hard to follow what she was doing (full vegetarian). I don't think I can resist myself not to eat the food that I used to. I am a believer as well and I know I need to start eating foods that are more nutritious and healthy. How about you? What kind of food are you eating?
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Aug 3, 2010

Fun Fun Fun!

We went to Silverwood last wednesday with my family and I must say, it was the most memorable and fun experience for the whole family! My son loves the rides and I am very surprised he is not afraid to ride the kids rides by himself. He is only two years old yet enough to ride in some adult rides. I wanted to go the water park but because I still have some problem in my left ear that time I resist not to go there. Anyway, it's the reason why I seldom update this blog because last week we are extremely busy, it's my husband week off and we went for a ride almost everyday. Now I am back with my daily routine which is blogging hehehehehe.
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