Dec 27, 2007

My Baby's Gender

At last we finally knew what we are having..wanna know what are baby’s gender too? Well it’s a baby BOY J On the way to my prenatal check- up I can’t understand my feelings. My heart just beating real fast and cant wait to see what were going to have. During the ultrasound, I feel so excited seeing our baby boy moving, trying to suck his thumb. It looks like he is waving at’s so cute!! My in-laws were excited too, in fact they accompanied us in my prenatal check- up. My father in-law and my husband are very happy when they found out it’s a boy because someone can bring their family nameJ. My sister in-law as well as her friends and our friends here wanted us to have a girl so they can spoil it but it really doesn’t matter to me as long as our little one is healthy. Well anyway, I’m glad that most of the clothes that we had right now is suited for a baby boy. I am so thankful too that we had a boy co’z then there’s someone who can follow my husband’s hobby plus it will be my hubby’s helper in terms of men’s activities; like lifting things or something. I can’t wait to see my baby boy soon and my belly really showing up now. Sometimes my in-laws think I have twins because of my huge tummy! Thank you Lord for this little angel that you had given us…
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Normal Images

I always love to create some new things in my web page, and recently I found a site which is very interesting and funny! The Bubblenator. This site is really fun to do with and easy. All you need to do is click the attached link above and the page will directly open. If you want to use the The Bubblenator just place up three bubbles onto your image, fill in your desired text for each, change the size and choose from spoken and thought bubbles. Once you're done doing it. they will provide you the html code and you can copy and paste it to any desired web page you wanted to put on. This is really cool to beautify your web page, you can turn your normal image into something a little more fun. And if you visit this site, you can find something else that you will surely enjoy!
I suggest you guys to try this one! I myself tried this and it is really funny and simple to do with. You will find your web page very interesting and I can guarantee you, people who will visit your web page will enjoyed it too.
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Dec 18, 2007

At Sunset

I got this poem from my friend Lisa..and since I like the thoughts of this poem, I wanted to share this to you as well..

Do you know the hour when the sun goes down
Is the beautiful time of day, when your task is done
And the shadows fall
And your worries are laidaway?
Well, it's just as true that the close of life Can a beautiful sunset be
Every task well done, let the shadows fall
There's no fear of eternity...
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Good Morning:-)

After hubby hugged and kissed me this morning, I couldn’t back to sleep anymore. I wanted to cook green beans or “Monggo” in our dialect. I haven’t cooked this for a while and I miss eating it! So even if it’s still early here, I get up from bed and start cooking it. It will take a little longer before the green beans get tender so it means, I have time to do my task onlineJ and I am happy that I was able to grabbed one task today from ppp which is not that bad. It’s a great blessing already having that task.
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Dec 9, 2007

my baby is so active!

I am sitting in the computer right now doing my task and I feel like my unborn baby is not sleeping. I can feel the movement and it's really strong! It's funny and makes me more excited to see my baby soon. I can't wait seeing my little angel. I am praying that everything will be just fine by the time I will deliverd this baby. We don't know the gender yet of our baby but we will know it soon this coming dec.27. I am excited to see my angel again in the unltrasound. Hayyy I can't beleive that I will be a mom soon.
I pray that God will help me to become a good mother to my baby..
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Dec 6, 2007

So foggy!

I'm just done doing all the task for today and I decided to check the cat and feed him and oh my! it's cold outside and soooo foggy! you almost can't see your neighbors houses. The lake is very icy. Just right after I gave food to the cat I get back inside the house co'z I can't stand staying longer outside our house. It's been a while since I spend time outside like cleaning or sweeping that is when it's still summer but now, I don't do that no more! It looks a little bit messy right now because of our cat and somtimes racoon visit's house cat to eat his food and they make a lot of mess!
Plus our garage is messy too, when it's snowing my husband's car is full of snow from work and it's melting inside our garage..hayyy I need to clean all that but only if I like to co'z I'm lazy hehehehehe.
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Dec 3, 2007

Holiday Whistler

Are you looking for a perfect place for skiing? Well, then let me help you to find the right place for you to enjoy and have fun. Whistler Accommodation has been the Number 1 rated ski resort in North America for the last 8 year in a row.The lifts have a capacity of nearly 60,000 skiers per hour.The average snowfall is over 30 ft. or 9 meters per year and the season lasts all the way from Novemver through August.Whistler Accommodation offer a spectacular choice in arranging the holiday of your dreams.They can also find you an ideal renting place for your family or group to enjoy skiing.

Whistler Lodging is one of the place where you can stay and ski.They have a very cozy apartments,townhomes, and condos where you can rent.If your choice is to ski right away you step out from your door,you can also find it here. But if you love to have an easy access to go shopping,restaurants, and night clubs they all have it here as well.Whistler Lodging is not only for a big group or family,it is also for people who like to have some intimate time like newly wed or to celebrate anniversaries.As soon as you book your stay they can do all the services that you wanted for like,arranging your tickets airport,ski hire,ski lessons,restaurant bookings and so on.

Let me give you some spectacular ski-out townhome.Cedar Ridge 17 is above the village on the lowes slopes of Blackcomb Mountain. It is only 30 seconds or less walk from your frontdoor to the slope.Cedar Ridge has it's own private hot tubs,sunken living room with wood fireplace and spacious dining area.The kitchen is fully equipped and it has a private garage.There are 4 bedrooms which means perfect for a big family or group.Hurry and grab this opportunity that they offered just for you.Just click all the link that I had given above and know more about their services.
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Dec 2, 2007

I'm in my husband's office right now:-)

I know it's sunday and we are supposed to be at home, spending time with my hubby but here we are in his office. His working right now co'z he needs to do some important things. It's also an advantage for me to be here too co'z I can used his other computer and do my own job too:-) unsa kaha nga job hehehehehe. I like it here though, the server is a lot faster that at home. I am so inspired visiting all my bloggers friends..

It's snowing hard outside right now, but I like it. I can see it here from the window. It looks wonderful when you are doing something in the computer and it's snowing.wala ni sa pinas! My husband is so caring,he keep on giving me snack while i'm wokring in the pc hehehehe. thank you Jason. I love him so much!
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