Feb 17, 2012

We Need Extra Batteries

Since my son was born, we have been keeping extra batteries in our drawers but as he gets older, it seems like we consume more batteries than we usually do. He spent most of his time playing his toys that uses duracell procell aaa and just recently he was crying and throwing a big feet after running out an aaa batteries and cannot play his favorite toy. I wish I have a driver license so I can just drive to the store and get him one.
Anyway, I already placed my order online and this time I ordered four dozens, I hope it will last longer! Guys, if you too needs some batteries, just simply click the attached link above, they all have everything you need when it comes to batteries.
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Little Cutie!

Baby Jeannie is my friend's daughter, she is one of the cutest little girl that I have seen in my entire life! When she is around everybody wants a piece of her lol! I wish I have a little girl as cute as she is! We are all thankful of her coming to my friend's life because it took her forever before she finally had a baby, all the frustration was paid off.
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Jan 31, 2012

Natural Gas Grill

My picky husband wanted to buy this natural gas grill for quite sometime, if it wasn’t because of me who keep telling him not to buy it because ours is still working fine, he would have bought a long time ago. The reason why he wanted to replace ours even if it’s still working is because of the dirt or black stain on top of the grill. I told him that it was normal to have that because of the smoke and no matter how much cleaning you will have to do it will still end up like that. However, our barbecue grill decided not to cooperate when I was outside yesterday for barbecuing. I do not know why but I end up cooking my barbecue in my turbo oven. I guess I do not have any other choice now but to buy the natural gas grill that my husband wanted to buy. I am actually excited to get anew one too because winter is almost over and we like to barbecue and camp outside a lot!
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Jan 26, 2012

Having a Child

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

Things are so different in my life now that I have a child. It’s so much work to raise a baby and I’m not sure I would be able to stay sane if it wasn’t for the great group of friends I have in my neighborhood. A bunch of us moms get together a few times a week so our kids can play together, and we have all become really good friends. I have learned so much from them when it comes to parenting, and it feels good to have people to vent to on those days when I feel like I’m going to lose it. They never judge me and can usually relate to how I’m feeling. Some of them have also given me some awesome tips on how to keep costs down at my home. One of the girls told me to check out http://www.texaselectricityproviders.com/ and shop around for energy rates. I had no idea that I even had this option. I figured that if I could cut coupons and look for the best deals online, why not shop for energy rates too?
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The Boy Who Loves Cookie Dough!

My little boy loves cookie dough just like his daddy, he asked me yestrday to make him some chocolate chip cookies and we make it together but just when I asked him to stir the dough he asked me if he can lick the dough out in the spatula so I said sure, nobody will eat the cookies other than us so it's fine! He is so cute and adorable!

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First Musical Performance For me!

In my previous posting, I mentioned it to you how thankful I am having a musician friend, and well I want to bragged it again because yesterday he called me and asking me if I can join him to play at the restaurant on his birthday. I am so excited and a little shaky because I never played my guitar in public before and I am not sure if I can do it but he assured me that I can base on what he sees on me! I cannot believe he bought the blackstar ht 40 tube guitar combo amps just for this event! The party will be held in two weeks which is enough time to practice. I am crossing my finger that when it’s time for us to play on the stage I won’t spoil our performance. Wish me luck because honestly, I am super duper excited yet nervous lol!
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Jan 19, 2012

How to redeem haagen dazs redenvelope gift code

If you are a shopper at redenvelope.com and wondering how to redeem haagen dazs redenvelope gift code then just click the attached link here. I know redeeming gift code can be a challenge too sometimes and that is the main reason why redenvelope.com is working hard to make is easy for you. And I suggest if you have a gift code now to visit them right away because they have so many amazing items right now that you can buy before Valentines Day! And for new shoppers, do not worry because you too can avail their gift code, just give their website a visit today to get one, thank you.
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Friends Forever!

The person from the left and in the middle is my two friends who are so close to me, they are like family to me. When we are together, our face will go numb form laughing so hard! I am so thankful to have a friend like them, it's hard to find real good people nowadays and lukcy me for I haven't had a hard time finding ones!

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Amish Furniture

I have been to all kinds of furniture store to find a side table in our living room but I cannot find the exact table that I wanted. Most of them are too high and too big. We want a small rounded table with the same height as our couches. My sister in-law was telling us to look at amish furniture few days ago and I am so excited because I finally found the one that I wanted for so long! The color, the design and the measurement is just perfect! Hubby is still undecided because he wanted to go to the store personally and look at it and we are going to do that in a week or so because my in-laws are heading that way to visit their good friend and it's a good opportunity to go with them as well. I am so happy and excited and cannot wait to visit the store!
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Med Cart

Yesterday we went to the clinic for my yearly wellness check-up and I was really amazed with all their new medical equipments including their med cart. I haven’t been in the clinic for a year and cannot believe how it changed in only a year! My doctor was telling me how she loved their new med cart everything is advance and easy to handle. I wish all the clinics are like them because then you will feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that the people who are taking care of your health are well equipped. One thing I love about their new changes is that, they have more educational toys at their waiting area. Thanks to God for living in an area that has everything we need!
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Getting Better I Think:-)

Since my husband bought a dslr camera, I spent hours figuring out hot to use it and how to edit pictures using photoshop element. There are so many frustrations before I finally figured it out. The picture above is one of my work, I asked my friend if I can use his son's picture for editing pictures and this is what I made. I kind of proud myself because I think I did a pretty good job on editing the picture using the pse6. I wish I had lightroom for editing pictures but I have to save up first and then maybe buy one in the the future. Right now, there are so many things that I wanted to buy, like new lens in my camera. Anyway, there are still lots of things to learn and I am working on it :-)

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Jan 12, 2012

Kobo ereader

Jason loves to read and valentines day is only a few weeks ago so I am currently reading kobo ereader reviews to see how it works and maybe I can buy one for my husband. I have seen few of my friends using this amazing technology and I am really intrigued because they all loved it. I really like the idea of getting this one for my husband because it looks nice and fancy yet the price is inexpensive. Plus they have so many features that everyone can surely enjoy especially on a trip. This is what exactly Jason needs because he travel all the time and he needed something to entertain himself while at the airport or in a plane.
Anyway, I have to get going and finish my reading. Have a wonderful day everyone and keep yourself warm!
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Dec 27, 2011

Moved Here

The Author of this post is Kory Dotson

We moved into this house about 6 months ago and I can’t lie that I still haven’t even begun to unpack all the boxes. I wish I had more time to do it but between starting my new job and getting the kids all set up at their new school and working on the extra stuff like the www.Cabletvadvisor.com and having the driveway refinished there’s a lot to be done still. I unpacked all of our bedrooms, obviously, so we’d have clothes to wear and all that, but the dining room is still just a mess of boxes and the kids’ playroom still hasn’t really taken shape. I guess I just didn’t realize that a big move like this would be such a massive undertaking but if I had known I think I would have taken a week or so between jobs to get acclimated. Now I only have my precious weekends and nights to work on it and by the time I get home and make dinner I’m totally exhausted!
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Our Christmas Dinner

I made this delicious dinner for Christmas and according to my husband, it was his favorite steak ever. I cook the steak in the barbecue grill and I am so proud of myself to see my food, it's perfectly cooked and soft. The hungry tummy was full!

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Malpractice Insurance

I was talking to my friend Lorena earlier about medical insurances. I felt sad for my friend because their insurance did not cover some of their medical bills which is for me, is not right since they are paying almost the same amount as we are paying in our medical insurance. Her husband is not in a good condition right now and takes a lot of medical attention. She is already thinking of switching their insurance and currently checking malpractice insurance quotes. Hopefully she can find what she need and cover most of their medical bills. I am thankful that today you can go to a website where you can actually get free quotes and get help before getting insurance. Because of these website people are able to determine which one fits their needs and which one is best.
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Dec 13, 2011

Holiday Nursing Scrubs

Few months from now, my son will be going to school and I am very excited because I can finally finish my degree, I only need two semesters to finish my nursing and I cannot wait to go back to school again. There will be a lot of adjustments for me and for my family but I will do all my best to do my responsibility as a mother, a wife and a student. My nursing scrubs are all waiting for me; I got them few weeks ago after deciding to go back to school. I also got few extra scrubs the other day. I hope all our plans will work will out. Anyway, if you know anyone who needs a nursing scrub, visit the attached link of this post, they had a holiday scrubs that will surely enlighten someone’s life.
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Christmas Party

We had a lot of fun last Saturday, we went to two differnt place for Christmas party it was a blast! It was a success and the family had a lot of fun including our son. Our tummy is filled with food and lot of take home. I defintely need to watch out because I am eating more than of what I should eat..oh well, the food is too good to resist!

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Helping My Cousin

Nowadays people depend on computers to find what they need such as; reading current news, events and searching for information, so if you are in business or wanted to increase your website’s traffic, triangle direct Media is the best solution for you.
My cousin is currently building a business online and I am telling you because of triangle direct, the traffic of their business spread out so fast and receiving alot of orders in one day from their customer. I am so happy that I was able to help my cousin with her small business by showing the website and of course, preparing some of her orders.
One thing, they like about them is that, it gives the website owners unprecedented visibility into their site with a complete support from their customer service. . So, if there is something you wanted to spread out, they are the right one. What are you waiting for? Give them a visit now for more information.
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Dec 6, 2011

Cleaning Services

Does anyone of you here tired or don’t have enough time dealing with your mess? If so, then cleaning services cary nc is the perfect solution for you. These people are the expert when it comes to house cleaning, commercial cleaning and concierge service. They have been helping cleaning and doing household tasks for over 20 years. I know there are people out there who do not have enough time cleaning their messes or doesn’t know how to clean it well and that is the main reason why the other Woman Inc. was made to help people like you. For more information just click the attached link above, thank you.
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Getting rid some of our stuff

Does anyone need a reclining/rocking chair? we are getting rid some of our stuff and we are selling this black leather chair for a very reasonable amount, so friends if you are interested let me know. Anyway, nothing is new here, I am still busy preparing for christmas and I am happy that Jason is helping me. I am excited for our party this weekend. I'm also loving the weather outside because the snow is melting and I hope it won't snow again.

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Dec 1, 2011

New GPS For Hubby!

My schedule nowadays is pretty much occupied. I hardly have time taking care of myself. I have been very busy since the first week of November preparing parties and now I still have two parties that need to be taken care of. The Filipino party is only a week away and I need to get things ready, I was assigned to organize the games, lots of shopping to do and preparation.
However, my goal for this weekend is to buy a new gps for my hubby, it’s the only thing that I can think of as the best present for Jason. I have been reading gps reviews since this morning and found a website where I can save up to 70% from the original price. I have to take this opportunity and grab one because my hubby needs to upgrade his old gps. Anyway, I need to get going before my son wakes up, have a wonderful day everyone!
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Nov 18, 2011

Wire display racks

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us because the whole family will be at school to help out the turkey bingo night. Every year the school had this turkey bingo night as a fundraising and my sister in-law and I are always helping and selling cookies to raise more money. This time, we decided to baked 5 different types of cookies and that is why we decided to buy the Wire display racks so we can display all the cookies nicely and hoping to sell them all like last year because we baked more cookies this time. I am excited because my husband and my son will be playing the bingo together; it is like a family thing for us. I hope more people will join us this year!
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Enjoying The Snow

My son and I had a lot of fun playing in the snow yesterday. I found a good spot for sledding and we cannot stop ourselves going back in forth up in the hill. It was so fun that we decide to do it again today. It's still snowing outside and the snow is a lot thicker than yesterday. My son loves the snow and it's funny how he gets sad when it rains because he does not want the snow to go away.

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Nov 1, 2011

Pool Fences

I was looking for pool fences to put up in my mother in-laws swimming pool. Winter is coming and it needs some protection from any wild animals that might jump in. My in-laws are currently away for the whole winter and they expect Jason to take care of their place while they are gone. They regularly sent check to Jason to take care of their place and that is why we need to buy the pool fence right away because few weeks from now, we will be having snow. So many things needed to be done by the end of November and hopefully we can get it all done.
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Let The Expert Handle Your Mess!

Just before my sister in-law moved in her new house, she hired carpet cleaning raleigh to clean the carpet. She did all the possibilities to clean it by herself but the tangy smell from previous owner still stick to the carpet. According from her, they have several animals living with them and didn’t pay too much attention in cleaning their mess. She is thankful to hire the cleaning company because all the smelly carpet was totally gone and a lot cleaner than what she did.
Sometimes, there are things that we cannot do by ourselves, everyone needs help so if you have the same problem, leave it to the expert and hire these people too because I can guarantee you, you will never waste any of your money.
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What A Fun Day!

My son and my friend son are having fun trick or treating yesterday. We're supposed to meet our neighbor at 5 in the afternoon but I guess we're late co'z no one was there when we arrived. We decided to just do our thing. It was alot of fun knocking doors and get a free goodies. My son loves his ninja's outfit and didn't mind the coldness at all when we are out.
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