Jan 26, 2012

Having a Child

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

Things are so different in my life now that I have a child. It’s so much work to raise a baby and I’m not sure I would be able to stay sane if it wasn’t for the great group of friends I have in my neighborhood. A bunch of us moms get together a few times a week so our kids can play together, and we have all become really good friends. I have learned so much from them when it comes to parenting, and it feels good to have people to vent to on those days when I feel like I’m going to lose it. They never judge me and can usually relate to how I’m feeling. Some of them have also given me some awesome tips on how to keep costs down at my home. One of the girls told me to check out http://www.texaselectricityproviders.com/ and shop around for energy rates. I had no idea that I even had this option. I figured that if I could cut coupons and look for the best deals online, why not shop for energy rates too?



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