Jan 31, 2012

Natural Gas Grill

My picky husband wanted to buy this natural gas grill for quite sometime, if it wasn’t because of me who keep telling him not to buy it because ours is still working fine, he would have bought a long time ago. The reason why he wanted to replace ours even if it’s still working is because of the dirt or black stain on top of the grill. I told him that it was normal to have that because of the smoke and no matter how much cleaning you will have to do it will still end up like that. However, our barbecue grill decided not to cooperate when I was outside yesterday for barbecuing. I do not know why but I end up cooking my barbecue in my turbo oven. I guess I do not have any other choice now but to buy the natural gas grill that my husband wanted to buy. I am actually excited to get anew one too because winter is almost over and we like to barbecue and camp outside a lot!



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