Dec 28, 2010

Surge Protectors

After singing in the magic sing for two hours, the surge protectors finally gave up! I was in the middle of singing my last song and all of the sudden, the music stops! I thought I broke the magic sing karaoke. It gets too hot and it quite working, according to my husband it might be because the surge protector is 8 years old. It’s lucky enough that it did not cause more trouble, otherwise I will freak out because there is no one who can look up. I already placed my order earlier and I hope it will get here soon. The one that ordered has ten outlets, which is perfect for our TV, home system theater and cables.
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My Singing Buddy!

This picture was taken two years ago, my son is only 11 months old but he already my singing buddy! He likes to sing in the microphone, it's funny because he acted like he can read the song lyrics. I love watching him trying to sing though it hurts your ears sometimes hehehehe. And take note, as soon as he started singing, he has no plan to stop! He is almost 3 years old now and he asked me today if he can sing but I said no, my ear is still on recovery and I cannot handle too much loud right now.
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Residential Rehab

Do you know anyone who is in need of help overcoming their addiction? If so, then you might want to check the residential rehab located at Malibu California. Seeking professional help is the most powerful way to overcome both psychological and physical addiction. With the help of counselors and other addiction treatment professionals, the individuals who are suffering from their addiction will soon find their way back to normal lives. The residential rehab is the safest place to go for someone who is having a hard time to control themselves resisting their addiction. People, please share this information to someone you know who are in need of help. Any form of addiction is a serious matter and if you don’t take action now, it might be too late to help that certain individual.
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Dec 19, 2010

Women's Rain Boots

I bought a black high knee boots last month and I regret buying it. The boots is nice and classy but does not fit where I lived. We have too much snow on winter with rain and the boots is not waterproof. I tried to used it on snowy day and it is not warm at all, I feel like the snow is dropping directly on my feet and when it rains, it make is worse because the water started coming in and my feet froze. I should have listen to my husband when he told me to buy the women's rain boots while we were at the store. I learned my lesson; it is what I want for Christmas! I told my husband to get me two pair of rain boots with different colors and design. I cannot wait to start using my boots, my husband just ordered it yesterday and it should be here next week, hopefully before Christmas.
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He Like Nagaraya

My little boy likes to eat Nagaraya peanut snacks. We were at the Asian store, he keep pulling my pants to the isle where nagaraya was, and I was like, what do you want son? And he said, mommy, I found it! and I said, found what? the peanut! he is very happy and lively when he picked a bag of Nagaraya. I cannot believed he remembers that snacks, I gave him once I think 2 months ago and since then he did not forget about it. He likes the peanut very much and I got him two packages in case he wants more.
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Insurance Quote

I just want to make an update regarding my cousin Rhea who had car accident after trying to beat the red light. It looks like everything went out smoothly and pays everything that needs to be pay. Her car is still in the auto shop and hoping to pick it up by Tuesday. She got lucky because her parents were able to help her financially and the car’s owner is not being too hard on her. She learned her lesson though. She’s working to get a car insurance now and been checking insurance quote online. She is hoping to find a car insurance policy that suits to her budget. I am very happy and proud to my cousin for doing the right thing. It’s time for her to learn the what life really is and need to take things seriously.
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Dec 7, 2010

Metal Buildings

I noticed most of the shops, storage shed and garage kits here in our subdivision uses steel or metals. I can understand why, here in our town, we get lots of rain on spring or even on summer and then bunch of snow on winter so metal buildings is an ideal shelter to use to fight back the rain and the snow. Metal building will also last longer and of course easy to assemble. We are actually thinking of remodeling our shed into steel and metal and hopefully we can do that this coming spring. Our shed started to fall apart because of the rain; it is where we put our junk materials and some other unnecessary things. It’s going to be a busy life for us next year!
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He Can't Wait

I ordered a RC electronics helicopter for my son and I am so excited to wrap that for him. The item is still on it's way here, I am crossing my finger, it will get here on time. He saw me when I ordered it online and he keeps telling me how much he wanted to play the toy, I told him to wait and he can have it soon. He is very happy and I am happy too knowing that I bought something for my son for the very first time hehehehehe. The color of the toy is blue too.
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Dec 6, 2010

Wooden Swing Sets

My way of saving money is to shop after holidays. In my own experience, I can always get the stuff more than half of the price if I buy it after holidays or after the season’s change. This year, I bought a wooden swing sets for my son, we save almost half of our money buying it after summer. I chose the wooden swing set because he can play it longer and it last forever, unless you burn it or intentionally destroyed. It is our Christmas present for our one and only son and probably his birthday present too :-). We are very excited to set it up for him but we have to wait until the weather gets warmer. Right now, the swing sets was being kept in the shop, we do not want to show it to him until Christmas.
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Managed Hosting

One way of expanding your business is to own a website. Nowadays, people use their computer or cellphones to search the things they like to buy including myself. I always search the products first and visit several website before deciding which one to buy. It is the basic steps for shoppers to compare prices because everyone wants to save.
My point here, if you are in business the first thing you should to do is to managed hosting, why? Because it is the easiest way to expand your business without too much hassle. It may sound hard to do but you can always get help to start your own hosting. The attached link of this post is the first step for everything. They are the expert when it comes to hosting services and technology.
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Dec 3, 2010

Better Than Yesterday!

It's been two weeks now since my Tympanoplasty surgery and I am getting better. I can wash my hair without asking help from somebody and can bathe myself alone. I must say. having surgery is a tough one! I am not allowed to carry more than 20 lbs and the packing in my ear was still inside. They are going to remove the packing on December 17th and I pray that the graft is healing perfectly and that I won't experience any complications. I put all my trust to God..
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Material Handling

One of the best methods to avoid accident while you are storing or moving things into a certain place is by using material handling. These materials will simply help you organize your things nicely and easy. Accidents happen when you are not using the right equipment when you are moving things especially the one that is more than of your capacity. I can testify to this because my husband undergo back surgery 15 years ago after breaking his spinal cord from lifting something that weight 10 times of his weight. If you are in business right now and looking for handling materials, please visit the attached link of this post, you can find everything and anything when it comes to high quality handling materials.
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Nov 27, 2010

Safe Diet Pills

Are you planning to buy diet pills? If yes, then you need to go online and search the safe diet pills. There are countless of diet pills in the market today but only few that really works. My sister in-law has been taking all kinds of diet pills in the world but there is only one pill that works on her. It is very important for you to take some time and dig the pills first before you buy one, read reviews, feedback from people or if you do not have internet at home, call people you know who are currently using diet pills and ask for suggestions. You do not want to take something that will ruin your health and there is only one way to avoid that, search it online and find the best diet pills.
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Yum Yum Yum!

I so love the chocolates that my husband bought for me yesterday! I know I have to watch myself from eating too much sweet lately but I am craving sweets like crazy, maybe I am pregnant? hope not, I am not ready to have another one yet. I love the sweetness part o fmy hubby, he sometimes surprise me with flower and somtimes chocolates. I am so thankful that he did not change after being with me for years!
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Hot Tub Covers

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us! We are going to attend a birthday celebration of my dearest best friend. I bought a hot tub cover as my birthday present for her, they have a very nice and fancy hot tub at the back of their house and I knew they needed a cover to protect it from dirt and snow. I was at their place last summer riding horses and drove the four wheelers, she mentioned it to me to visit at their place on winter and bring my bikini so we can dip ourselves in their hot tub outside. I am very excited to do that because I never tried to wear my bikini outside with few inches of snow. I am curious how it feels like to be outside in a freezing temperature! She told me yesterday, she bought two bottles of wine for our hot tub party, I know this is going to be fun and crazy!
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Depression Treatment

How’s your mood lately? Do you feel sad, anxious most of the time? If you are, then you must have depression. Depression is a very serious and depressing situation. The wallow of their loneliness and sadness can cause a great rift between each otherand family member. Many experts agree that depression can be hereditary, if one of your family members has been known to have depression in their lineage; there are good chances that the following generation will have it as well. People who do not have self-confidence and has low self-esteem are prone to depression as well. That is why, it is important for you to get depression treatment right away, if you think you are experiencing too much loneliness and aloof from people. Remember, people who are exposed to stress on a daily occurrence can also be a candidate for depression.There are so many so many ways to treat depression so hurry up and get help.
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I've Been There!

I miss the warm weather, I miss the time where I don't need to wear layers of clothes just to keeo myself warm. I remember the time when we went to Toronto Niagra falls, it feel wonderful strolling around wearing shorts and a t-shirts. We are very lucky to arrived at our destination with a perfect weather! I wonder how Niagra looks like now, was there a lot of snow there too like our place?
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Nov 22, 2010

A perfect Gift For Him

Christmas is soon to come! I made my early shopping list already but still not sure what to give for my husband. Last year, I got him a watch and a winter gloves and this time, I am thinking of getting him some sort of warm clothes. I was browsing some men's clothing online hoping to find nice warm sweatshirts and found few I like. I hope that I can get the money this week so I can order the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are what my husband’s always wear at work, he only wear shirts once in while and I know pretty sure that he will be very happy with what I have planning to buy for him. He likes black and dark blue but I am thinking of getting another color just for a change and lets see if he’ll wear it :-).
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I am very excited to visit my beloved country next year; I already started shopping around for my family. I got several clothes, shoes and dresses for my sister and brother. My younger brother who is in college has been asking me to buy him a laptop and I was thinking to bring mine (the one that I am currently using) then leave it to him on the day of our departure going back here. However, my laptop is too big to carry, Jason said, it would be better if we’ll just buy two netbooks and give the other one to my brother and the other one is for travelling. I like my husband’s idea, it never crossed in my mind to buy two since we are on tight budget but I could not disagree to the person who is the one earning money. Whatever he is plan was, I would gladly accept and follows his decision. Plus this time of the year, is the best time to shop around, huge sales are everywhere especially the stores online.
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Nov 13, 2010

I Miss Home

I am very happy that my three balikbayan boxes got in my hometown safely, I already saw all the pictures of my family wearing the clothes that I sent few months ago. I am very happy and miss them terribly! I wish we can visit soon and done with my papers sooner. I wanted to visit them at this moment but I cannot travel anyway because my passport was already expired. All I can do right now is to wait..
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Expert Advice

I always believed in this statement “leave it to the expert”. By believing that quote, I was able to treat acne problem in my face. It is hard to find the best acne treatment nowadays because of the product competition but with the help of the expert advice and reading reviews, I found the best cream that works perfectly on my skin. I am one of those unlucky women when it comes to skin, that is why, I need to be extra careful in finding cream treatment that will not damage my skin more. I do not have a place anymore for skin damage, I had enough already:-). How about you? What is your skin nighmare?
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Cute Casual Dresses!

There are so many things that I needed to do before hitting December. One in my lists is to buy new casual dresses for the three formal parties that we are going to attend next month. I have few casual dresses in my closet but I already wore it last year during the party. I bought a pair of black boots and a wool coat last week and I just need casual dresses.
I want the one that matches to my knee-high black boots, simple yet elegant and of course affordable. I wanted to go to the mall and shop but we are three hours away and the road is icy so I think shopping online is the best option at this moment. I am browsing for sample outfit picture wearing knee-high boots and I only found few so right now, I am still not sure what type of dresses to buy. Do you have any suggestion?
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I'm In Pain..

My muscles are in pain right now from playing Wii last night with my friend. We played for two hours and tried almost of the game but the game that really give us all this pain is the boxing. We played like pro and acting like it was real. I could harly get up this morning from all the pain. I already took advil and seems like it was not helping at all. I hope the pain will go away because I need to clean the house before my husband gets home.
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Job Hunting

I am planning to look for a part-time job this coming winter. We seriously need extra income right now. We have so many bills to pay monthly and I needed to save money for our vacation trip next year, if God is willing. Right now, I am willing to take any merchandiser jobs as long as I can earn something. I do not want to rely everything to my husband. Helping him in any ways will help us live comfortably in some ways. My resumes are ready to send and I am crossing my finger to get a job soon!
Anyway, I need to get going now and cook dinner, I’ll continue my job hunting later tonight.
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Nov 5, 2010

Lipofuze Reviews

If you are planning to buy LipoFuze to get rid if your unwanted body fats then you need to visit and read lipofuze reviews. It’s the only website that will give you the complete information of the diet pills including, the history, benefits and side effects. The website also provides some feedback from real people who are currently using the pill or users for a very long time. We all know that you can only determine the best products by reading feedbacks. Please visit their website now and share this information to others, this is a great help for those people who are desperate to lose weight.
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My Little Cowboy

I have not got a chance to post a picture here about my son wearing a cowboy outfit last holloween party. The animated picture that I attached here almost looks like to my son's outfit and since it was almost the same, I decided to used this picture. He looks really cute with his outfit, we had a lot of fun with our trick or treating in town, it was our first time to do that and we will definitely do it again next year!
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Another Chapter Of Her Life

I am very happy to my best friend Sheryl who got married yesterday! I cannot believe we pulled out the wedding nicely and perfect in a very short time of notice. Her husband is from Portugal, he only got three weeks of vacation, and that includes their wedding and their honeymoon. It was crazy preparing the wedding ceremony, we went all through the town to look for wedding dresses, book the reception and find someone who can caters 100 people. We are lucky enough to find all our needs without any problem. To my friend Sheryl, congratulations to you and to your husband Rui! May the Lord poured His blessings to your future family and guide you all the way.
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Oct 28, 2010

Document Scanning Software

Looking for someone who can help you manage your document scanning software? If so, then you should visit They are specializing in document management and business process management. With their long years of experience in documenting imaging and document management industry, you can reassure that they can solve your problem promptly at affordable amount. Their expert staff will also help you anytime you need in case you have a problem dealing their products, you can either call them or contact online. Please visit their website now for more information about their services and please don’t forget to share this information to others too, thank you.
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My Little Superman

I took this picture last night to see if the custome that I got last year still fits him and it did. We got him a cowboy custome too for holloween party and when I asked him which one he likes, he said "cowboy mom". He knew exactly what he wants and he got his own sense of fashion:-). I love my life as a mom and a wife. Seeing you kid growing up is the most amazing moment that women should have. Thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful family.
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Oct 19, 2010

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Have you heard about conjugated linoleic acid? I bet you did but for those who heard it for the first time, let me tell you about this amazing product. Conjugated linoleic acid is a natural and healthy fatty acid that is actually essential to the basic functioning of your body. It can be found in multiple sources, including various plant sources such as sunflower oil. The pill can burn fat, build lean muscle mass over time and complimenting your workouts. It can also contribute to greater heart health in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program and higher good cholesterol levels coupled with lower bad cholesterol levels. And as long as you are not allergic to it, there will be no side effects. Just make sure you are drinking the right amount with diet and proper exercise. Please visit the link of this post more information.
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Restore Your Hair

I am losing lots of hair recently, I am not sure the cause of it but one thing I know, I have to do something before losing all my hair. According to Brenda, I have to alternate my shampoo everyday. I only have one type of shampoo and she said, I need at least three different type of shampoo and use it alternately. I am going to try her suggestion in a month to see it works but if not, then I have to buy the shampoo for thinning hair. This is my first time experiencing hair loss and I am freaking out. I have been so stressed out for the couple of weeks and I guess, it affects my hair. Does anyone experiencing the same thing? Maybe you could help me finding a solution, thank you.
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I am still undecided if I am going to take my kid to trick or treat this coming weekend. I wanted to take him to towm but I am not feeling well, I still have colds and my head is aching. Maybe if I get better tomorrow, I'll stop by to the store and buy him some custome. I remeber last year, we got hims this cute holloween custome for kid, he looks so adorable and cute. I dont have any any idea what to buy for him but I am sure the store will lightenn my mind tomorrow.
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Document Management Solutions

Business climate is fast-paced and competitive nowadays. To succeed, you need to react and process information quickly. That’s why it’s important to have secure, instant access to critical business information, and have the means to quickly distribute that information to those who need it. document management solutions can help you make that jump. With the products you can achieve secure and instant Web-based access to the documents, reports and files you need, all while increasing your productivity and decreasing paper, postage and storage costs. In addition, their solutions seamlessly integrate into existing applications to create a single point of access to all your critical business information. If you want an easier life, check our the link of this post, let them help you organize your document.
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Pine Beds

I cannot believed how unique and cozy the pine bed we got for Alex 3 days ago. It matches to his room and the room décor. I wanted to buy a bed like that and we finally did. Last year, while on vacation, I found few pine beds at the furniture row and since then, I cannot stop myself thinking about it. The style and the unique rustic frame of the bed are truly exceptional. I love the little country and a little bit rock-and roll style of the bed. I am thinking of getting the same bed for our bed too but we already spent too much this year, so maybe next year we will buy one.
Are you looking for log beds too? If so, then visit the attached link of this post. You can find all log beds you want at affordable price.
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Cannot Stop Watching

I am addicted to korean drama, I have been watching the drama for 2 days now and still doing the same thing. I dont want to stop watching, I wanted to finish the whole episode. Last night I slept really late, I wanted to watch more episode but I hold myself up. I have lot of things to do here at home and until now i have not done any of it because of this drama soap.
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Oct 15, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins

One way of helping your baby to have a healthy life in the future is to take the best prenatal vitamins. Vitamin is not only helps to prevent birth defects, but that it can also help with your child’s brain development, behavior, learning ability, and help reduce childhood obesity. There are so many reason why pregnant women should take prenatal vitamins. When I was pregnant, I always make sure I take my vitamins everyday. I want my baby to be born healthy and he was! It’s the only thing that I can give to my child while growing inside my stomach. If you know someone or cared enough, please advice women you know who is pregnant to take prenatal vitamins.
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Oct 8, 2010

Receipt Printer

My sister in-law are going to sell some books in town next week with my help. There are thousands of books that needs to be sell for school funds and we are thinking of borrowing receipt printer to make sure we all have the records and of course the flow of work is faster. I hope Linda will let us borrow her printer otherwise; we will have a hard time keeping the records. I need to go the school tomorrow and prepare all the books. I am actually thinking of buying one but since we don’t need it that much, I guess the best thing to do is just to borrow from else we know plus Linda does not need it until next month.
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Korean Drama Addiction

it's been days now that I started to watched korean drama again, I cannot stop mayself watching, i'm am really hooked up! I sometimes forgot that it's meal time. Last night while watching the soap, Alex literally wiped my tears with paper towel after seeing his mommy crying from watching Korean drama, he was hugging,kissing me and asked “all better mommy??”. it's amazing how he comforted his mommy,I love you my son!

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Goodbye Old Toilet!

I am relieved and happy to finally get rid our old toilet in our guest bathroom. I wanted to do that a long time ago but Jason keep breaking his promises. The toilet works perfectly fine but my main concern is that, the calcium that built up from the water inside the toilet is sticking hard and no matter how much I scrub, it won’t get off. I even tried to use all kinds of scrub cleaner and bleach but still not working. I am very happy that I don’t have to worry about that now.
Now the toilets both in our bathroom are all new and fancy. We got a pretty good deal at and lucky to save almost half of the amount. I was hoping to get one of those Bidets toilets but we are in real tight budget right now, maybe next time when we can save enough.
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Royal Caribbean

If you are currently looking for a website, where you can book for your next Royal Caribbean cruise then you might need to visit They have an incredible offer with free insurance at no extra cost. With their exceptional five star dining, incredible Broadway style shows, Vegas style casino and unending entertainment, you will have the most memorable cruise in your entire life.
I have never been into one yet but it is one of our list-to-dos for next year family vacation trip. I wanted our trip to be fun and memorable and I know the Royal Caribbean cruise will provide all the fun we need. If only we did not do some home remodeling, we could have been in a cruise already.
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Sep 29, 2010

New Hair Style

Just got a new hair cut today, it's my mother in-law who picked the style and I loved it! I promised not to cut my hair again but once again, I broked that promised! i guess it's hard to keep your hair long if you have short hair for years and not use with long hair anymore, plus you have 2 yr old boy who messed it up all the time:-)
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Natural Male Enhancement

For years, the demand for natural male enhancement products has risen significantly, simply because consumers want safer, healthier options to ensure they are not putting harmful ingredients in their body. It is important for male to find those pills that will satisfy their needs and at the same time safe to use. Most of the prescription male enhancement drugs tend to carry adverse side effects that can place patient in serious gander unlike the natural male enhancement products, they are safer and not needing a prescription, affordable, improved energy, increased stamina, greater size and thickness.
Please visit to read more information about this matter and where to buy natural male enhancement, thank you.
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Sep 23, 2010

Hydroponic Systems

My garden this year is not doing as good as last year. I heard this same comment from friends here in this side of Washington State. I guess it has something to do with how much rain we had last summer and how late our spring started warming up. So in short, we had a short growing season. Yet, It is getting cold now here and pretty soon it is going to freeze up and there goes my tomatoes that just recently started getting ripe. If I just have an indoor garden where I can control the temperature, but that is too fancy. Although I heard of this hydroponic systems that is getting popular because it makes it possible to plant indoor just using the mineral nutrient from water. So, no messing and digging with soil. I am getting really curious about this and have seen some kits sold online. I might try hydroponic one of this days, so I don’t have to worry about season change.
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I am very happy to see my in-laws today, i do not have any idea that they are almost in our place. Two days ago, they said they are going to camping and we might not be able to contact them and we beleived them! I am shocked and surprised when they called and letting us know that they are going to be in our place in few minutes. Thankfully, the house is already clean and I took shower this morning:-) I miss them terribly!
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Neat And Clean

I am very pleased and excited with our new home office furniture. I cannot stop myself looking at it, I so love the unique style and the comfort. Our office looks so clean and neat and we finally get rid some of the clutter. We still need to buy office chairs but right now; we can temporarily use the old one while saving for that chair. There are still lots of things that I wanted to buy but because we are not that financially stable we have to wait till we have enough savings.
Anyway, if you know someone who is thinking of remodeling their office, tell them to visit the attached link here, they are the suppliers of large and small with high quality, affordable office furniture solutions.
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Sep 14, 2010

Calcium Supplement For Mom

My mom and I went to a pharmacy just down town because she has ran out of her vitamins. I found out she is only taking a regular multivitamins all these years. Being graduated from medical field, I know that women especially after age 30 needs calcium supplements, that is to build strong bones and/or prevent osteoporosis. It took us few minutes to find the right calcium supplements for her, as not all vitamins work the same. So we asked the Pharmacist and he give us ideas on choosing the right calcium supplement. I am glad I went with my mom to the pharmacy that time and I also learned something new from the Pharmacist.
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Goodnight People

I am ready to hop in my bed now, I am very sleepy since this afternoon, I already take a nap but I still want to sleep more and I cannot wait to hug my pillow and snuggle in my favorite blanket. I'm done with my online stuff and so ready to sleep..have a goodnight sleep everyone and sleep well!
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Eye Wrinkle Creams

For few weeks of using eye wrinkle creams, I can already see huge changes in both of my eyes. My skin around my eye is much clearer and smooth. I am very happy and excited because my money is well spent. I am thinking of buying the same thing to my mother and to my older sister. I am pretty sure they will love it too!
The hours that I spent reading reviews and feedback before buying was indeed the right thing. I picked the right one that works on my skin and at the same time affordable. If you too, are planning to buy eye wrinkle cream, you should follow what I did. Visit several website to read information, gather all that, narrow down and pick the one that fits you!
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It's What All I Need

Sleep is essential for a person’s healthy and wellbeing. Yet countless of people do not get enough sleep like myself. It’s almost a week now since I am experiencing sleep disorder and it slowed down my energy, flattened my emotional responses, affects my memory and an inability to be multitask and as a full time wife and a mother, I need to have all the energy to be able to do my daily routine. I have been holding myself not to drink sleeping pills, hoping that I can get back on my normal hours of sleep but I think it’s time to go to the store and find the best over the counter sleep aid and get over with this horrible sleep disorder. My husband and my 2 year old rely on me and I cannot let my husband do my responsibility here at home when he already works more than 10 hours a day.
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Grilles Eggplant Salad

I was craving for this yummy salad yesterday. I harvested green tomato out from my garden, grilled one eggplant and there it is! a simple and easy grilled eggplant salad. It doesn't take me very long to make this dish but I have a very satisfied and full stomach hehehehe.
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The Truth About Açaí

Are you aware that Açaí is not a diet product but antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial? It is actually one of the healthiest foods on earth but not a diet product. Therefore, if you saw or heard and advertisement that this fruits can lose weight, you better not to believe it! I am not aware about this until I read the acai reviews today at It’s unbelievable how people are trying to deceive someone that this fruits can actually lose weight just to earn quick bucks. The bottom line is, Acai berry will help to make your body healthier, but does not directly contribute to weight loss. Please visit the attached link of this post for more information, thank you.
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Sep 10, 2010

Auto Insurance Quote

To have a secure life and beneficial future it is necessary for every person to have auto coverage. There are hundreds of companies providing car coverage today. Each and every company has its own policy but not all of them offering low insurance payment, which is why, it’s important to search cheap auto insurance quote first and narrow your list before deciding to get one. The link that I provided in this post has all the information you need regarding cheap car insurance coverage. In addition to tips on saving money, they also offer informative articles about how to avoid road rage, and what you should do if you are in an accident, among other topics. Visit their website now to read more information for your own benefits.
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Sep 1, 2010

Got Stuck!

We got stucked outside our house today. We are ready to go to town with my friend and suddenly her car won't start. She forgot to turn off the light that causes the battery to shut down. We called few people to help but only her husband was able to help us. All she needs was a jumper cable and it only takes few seconds to do it but it took us an hour to wait for her husband hehehehe
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Time To Buy One!

I have at least 5 usb already in my drawer and I still have more files to store but I wanted to buy the external hard drive first. The usb that I have been using don’t have enough space, I can only save few files and then done. I definitely need the one that can store many files, in that way, I don’t have to worry keeping this tiny usb and misplacing them all the time.
I cannot wait to go the store tomorrow and buy the new usb hard drives. I also need few things to buy in the store before weekend, we are going to have a small barbecue party this coming Friday with my friends here in our place and I am still not ready for anything.
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Rack Mount Computer

If you are currently looking for a rack mount computer then you might want to visit They are the premier provider of both custom and COTS integrated systems for the industrial, embedded and military marketplace. Their design and manufacture of their system was design by engineers to make sure they maintain the strict revision control over their entire product line. The company staff are working hard to provide the best quality for your needs, so please if you know someone who needs these kind of products, share this information or click the attached link in this post for more information, thank you.
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Aug 27, 2010

My Favorite Day!

I always like Friday! It is the only day where I can spend most of the day in front of the computer, I don't have to worry cooking for dinner because hubby always go to town to buy us dinner. And most importantly, Friday is the last day of work! Guys, have a wonderful weekend and God bless.
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Facts About Mesothelioma

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Texas Maritime Lawyers

I am so happy and relieved for my cousin Mark who finally compensated from the injury het got 4 months ago. He worked in the mill mine site down south and while working pouring gold in the finery, the thong fell off directly to his back and broke few of his vertebrae. He does not realized how bad the accident was until his back got swollen and went to the doctor, he undergo major surgery and stayed in the hospital for a month. So, now he cannot work or lift heavy things because he’s back is not the same as before anymore, the incident totally ruined his life. He is not allowed to do things that can trigger the back pain and cannot do the certain fun stuff that he is used to do. Therefore, whatever compensation he got from the company owner of that thong, he deserved it! In fact, he deserves more.
Friends, if you too or know someone who needs a lawyer, give Texas Maritime lawyersa call today, they are the expert lawyers who can solve the problem especially those people who work in the shore or I would say marines. For more information visit their website now.
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Thank God!

Thanks to the DNR an Forest Service Fireman who did all their best to stop the fire. We have a big fire here in our place last night, the fire is like a mile and half from here we lived. I am worried and scared last night because the fire is growing and the wind is blowing like crazy but thankfully all went out now. Thank you Lord for protecting us especially those people who lived much closer to the fire area. Praise God!
The picture I attached here was taken by me last night, that is in front of our place.
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Fine Linens

I have been bugging my husband for a very long time to buy a new mattress in our bed so I can set up the matouk beddings that we bought last Christmas. I do not want to use it until we buy new mattress, they are too nice and fancy for the old mattress. He promised to buy one next month and I am crossing my finger that he will really buy it otherwise, I will not let him to sleep with me for a week:-).
I always like matouk brand they are very comfortable to use and soft to your skin and of course they last longer. My mother in-law own a set for 11 years and that is where I discovered how comfy and durable they are and since then I make a promised to myself to buy a set and I finally did last year, all I need now is a new mattress!
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Aug 26, 2010

Postcard Printing

I have been living in the United States for over three years now yet I still did not able to send postcard to any of my family and friends. They have been asking me to send one especially my neighbors who lived in the province, they wanted to see how my place looks like. Postcard is quite expensive if you have to buy in the store so obviously I need to find a printing for less so I can save money. I need to print at least 50 postcards, I have many friends and neighbors who would gladly received a postcard especially my family. If only my relatives and friends in the province own a computer I would have just sent it through mail, it is less work and a lot cheaper.
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I'm Hungry

Imagine this, My dried fish and vinegar with chili were ready in the table as well as my pinakbet, all I need is rice. When I opened my rice cooker I don't have any rice left! I thought I have left over from yesterday and I am little bit upset to myself when I am all ready to eat and still need to wait for atleast 15 minutes to cook my rice...Oh well, next I should check the rice cooker first before even start to cook anything..
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Time To Shop!

We are going to go to the big city this coming weekend to mail the boxes and since my sister in-law will babysit our son, we might go to the mall as well and shop for clearance clothing. I need to buy more sweaters before winter. I gained weight for the past few months and most of my sweaters are too tight, they are not comfortable to wear anymore and my husband needs to buy working jeans and new shirts. I might also buy snow boots for my son, he is getting big and all his old boots will be too small when winter comes.
This is the first time going somewhere with my husband without our son, this is going to be fun for both us to spend time together without thinking our little boy for at least 5 hours :-).
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Aug 25, 2010

Online Degree Schools

Taking online courses is very convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule or currently working. You can do the coursework at home whatever time you choose. You do not need to travel to the campus to take all your courses. Online Degree Schools is a very good opportunity for people who work full time; students have all the freedom and the time to finish their degree without worrying losing their job. There are still lots of benefits taking online courses, so, if you are in doubts about doing it, you might think it twice again. My husband got his engineering degree online and I must say, it motivated him a lot. For more information about online schools, please visit the attached link here.
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Aug 17, 2010

It Finally Came Out!

I have been waiting for this tomato to came out for a very long time, I thought I could get anything from it. I started to lose my hope but finally, I got one now! I did nto notice this until my husband checked it. The tomato tress was huge and bushy and if it wasn't because of my husband I might be stil frustrated right. I worked hard for this garden and I am very excited!
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Aug 9, 2010

I Wish To Follow

One of my Friend in facebook posted a video about the 104 woman who can still do her daily exercise regularly with having a hard time to do it. She said he secret was eating healthy foods and a strong relationship to God. It touches my heart while watching the video and I wish to do the same thing but growing up eating the foods I want is extremely hard to follow what she was doing (full vegetarian). I don't think I can resist myself not to eat the food that I used to. I am a believer as well and I know I need to start eating foods that are more nutritious and healthy. How about you? What kind of food are you eating?
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Aug 3, 2010

Fun Fun Fun!

We went to Silverwood last wednesday with my family and I must say, it was the most memorable and fun experience for the whole family! My son loves the rides and I am very surprised he is not afraid to ride the kids rides by himself. He is only two years old yet enough to ride in some adult rides. I wanted to go the water park but because I still have some problem in my left ear that time I resist not to go there. Anyway, it's the reason why I seldom update this blog because last week we are extremely busy, it's my husband week off and we went for a ride almost everyday. Now I am back with my daily routine which is blogging hehehehehe.
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Jul 20, 2010

Thank God!

It's been a week now since I went to the doctor to check my ear infection, the infection is finally gone and I stopped taking my pain reliever meds since yesterday and I am very happy and thankful that my ear is getting better after suffering from too much pain. It's still draining right now but it's not hurting anymore and the fluid is already clrear. I pray that my eardrum will close back to normal and my hearing will get better as well. I cannot wait what the specialist will say on the 3oth this month. I hope they can do something to fix my broken eardrum, crossing my finger!
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Jul 15, 2010

Ear Infection

Last Monday we went to the clinic to check my ear. Sunday midnight, my right ear started to itched and then fluid was coming out later on and it's been going until morning. It got worst and worst so my husband called the doctor to make an appointment. Two weeks ago, while taking shower with my son, he accidentally put water in my ear and it got infected by some reasons. The doctor said, both my eardrum are broken and the one that is hurting is the new one. She gave me some antibiotic and its been 3 days now still the fluid is coming out with blood but it is not hurting anymore. I am going to see my specialist this coming 3oth and I pray they can fix my ear, I need to get back with my hearing, I am still young and I don't want to use hearing aid at my age, its too early!
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Halo Halo Is Perfect!

Yesterday and today I made this very delicious Filipino dessert. The attached picture here is not mine, I grabbed it in the Filipino website but my halo halo looks exactly as what in the picture, this dessert is very good on summer, it will refresh yourself from being too hot. I ate this a lot when I was younger and I am so happy that I was bale to find the ingredients in the Asian store last week. I have enough halohalo for whole summer and I loved it!
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What A Beautiful Day!

It's early in the morning here but the sun is up and shining! I am so happy to finally got sunlight after 3 days of raining, now I can bring my son outside and play in his tiny pool. I wanted to enjoy this day and spend time under the sun. I am going to work outside too in my garden and clean our front yard, it's going to be a busy day for us here!
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Jul 7, 2010

Full Of Schedule!

July is the busiest month for us here, our weekend was full for activities and I am loving it! I would rather be busy like this than doing nothing. I will take advantage all the possibilities to enjoy this schedule while we still can because on winter we cannot do all the things we wanted to do because of the freezing temperature. This weekend will be going to the big city with my filipina friend and then next week to attend the dance show and then next week after that, we are going to celebrate my husband's birthday in the amusement park, its going to be a fun vacation for all of us!
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Jun 30, 2010

1 Strawberry for 3 People:-)

Last Sunday while working outside, I saw one ripe strawberry in our green house, my husband was so excited and ready harvest the one strawberry. I wanted to wait but he insisted. Just right after I nodded my head, he rushed inside the green house with an ear to ear smile. He looks like a kid, a happy big kid! He decided to share the one strawberry to me and to my son. One strawberry divided it into three ways hehehehehe. Anyway, more strawberrys are coming out so hopefully we can harvest more atleast 3 pieces this time:-).
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Jun 21, 2010

Auto Repair

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Friends Plus Food!

Friends are extremely imporant to me, they are the spices that makes my life more colorful and meanigful. I am so thankful I met lots of good friend here in our place, friend whom I can trust and call anytime I feel bored. Thank you Lord for the good life!
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Lenovo Netbook

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Jun 17, 2010

Sing A Long!

Sing along with my son! He really likes to sing this song and I am so proud of him liking it, he is only 2 years old but likes music a lot.enjoy!
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Jun 16, 2010

Prospector's Day

We had a blast celebrating the Prospector's Day last weekend. We watched the parade at noon and then stroll around the town and bought my favorite Italian sausage. I am so thankful that the weather is cooperating with the celebration. Its been raining for weeks and it didn't rain until the weekend is over. Praise to God!
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Jun 9, 2010

Manila Mangoes

I am so happy when I found this mangoes in the Asian store last Saturday, I have been waiting this mangoes forever! This is Manila mango or champgane mango and will only last from March to July, that is why I make sure I stuff myself with this kind of mango before the season's change. I bought two boxes and still wanted more hehehehehe. I gave 4 pieces to my sister in-laws and she likes it too, I was gonna gave her more but my filipina friend is coming over tomorrow and I have to have some to her too.
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Jun 3, 2010

Who's To Blame?

Just recently I've seen a video of this 2 year old boy that is hooked with the cancer stick. According to the news, it was introduced by his own father when he was still 18 months old. He can smoke 40 sticks a day and Will get mad and sick if his parents refuses to give the cigarettes. This rare story makes me mad to his parents, what kind of father are you, teaching you kid to do stuff that will make you sick, it's like he is killing his own son slowly. According to him, his son looks perfectly healthy what an ignorant father! My father use to smoke before but he always make sure nobody's around when he is smoking and I think a normal father would never want their kids to do stuff that will distroy their body.
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May 30, 2010

Yogurt Mommy

Alex likes to eat yogurt, he can eat yogurt all day, he even likes to feed himself, sometimes I mixed it with Gerber baby vegetables food, to at least make the yogurt a little nutritious. He is only 1 year old in this picture, he's 2 now and yet still eat the same food:-).
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Only Him

I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am completely at your command.
Half of the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them - quickly and correctly.
I am easily managed - you must be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want something done
and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically.
I am the servant of great people,
and alas, of all failures as well.
Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.
I am not a machine though
I work with the precision of a machine
plus the intelligence of a person.
You may run me for profit or run me for ruin -
it makes no difference to me.
Take me, train me, be firm with me, and
I will place the world at your feet.
Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I? I am Habit.
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May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

we don't have any plans yet foe this weekend but i think we re going to the big city and shop for more clothes to send to my family and maybe go to the Asian store as well. i excited and happy because hubby got 3 days off from work, i love spending time with my husband with out son.anyway, have a great memorial day weekend everyone!
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May 26, 2010

Crossing my finger!

I am a bit worried with my plants outside because of the temperature is dropping. Just when I thought summer is here, it rains like crazy! My seeds strating to come out but I am not sure if they are going to survive, this is my second time of trying and it would be reaaly disappointing if they won't make it. I hope and crossing my finger to atleast be able to see few of my plants growing productively.
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May 24, 2010

When I'm bored:-)

The picture was taken 3 days ago on the way to the store, I am bored and taking pictures of myself, it's what I usually do when I'm in the car, taking picture of myself, my husband and my son, sometimes the natures but it depend if I can find something that is very interesting. I am not a photogenic but I still loves to take picture of myself, its the mirror of myself hehehehehe
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God is working on your behalf.Keep trusting!

God is working on your behalf.Keep trusting!

I came across this and it blessed me, would like to share :

We know that God will work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”(Romans 8:28).

God has placed dreams and desires in each of our hearts. Are you believing for something that seems to be taking a long time? Are you tempted to quit? Maybe you've already given up on that dream. Today is a new day—it's time for you to get your fire back! It may be taking a long time, but God is faithful! He promises to complete the work He began in your life. Don't fall into the temptation to get complacent and think it's never going to happen. Right now, whether you see it or not, God is working behind the scenes and arranging things in your favor. When you develop an attitude of expectancy, you open the door to His miracle-working power in your life. Decide today to declare His Word and speak words of victory. Start declaring today, "My time is coming...God is working behind the scenes on my behalf…I will fulfill my destiny…I will fulfill the plan God has for my life!" As you declare and expect God to move, your faith will grow. Your hope will grow. Keep expecting and waiting for the appointed time. As you do, you'll step into the victorious destiny God has planned for you!

Whatever happens, trust in the Lord and trust in the power of hope! My hope is in God who never changes. Nothing is impossible with Him. He is a big God, and I'm believing Him for big things. How about you?

Take care and stay blessed. To God be the Glory
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May 13, 2010

Yema No More!

I have been eating yema since yesterday and I feel like I am dizzy right now having too much sugar in my body. This kind of food is simply delicious! Ad doo as you start eating it, you will have a hard time to stop. It's a very addictive dessert and a very simple recipe. The pictures that I am showing here is from the website that I got, if you visit that website, you can also see the recipe. You can make it yourself so you'll know what I mean..
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May 7, 2010

Advance Greetings!

Happy Mothers Day

Click Here For Images &
Happy Mothers Day Pictures

Happy mother's day to all mommies out there! Im done calling my mother yesterday for my early greetings and I am going to call back tomorrow morning! I wish all the mother's a happy weekend and enjoy your special day gurl!
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May 4, 2010

Remembering the past!

I was digging in my computers for old and pictures and I found this! this is 3 years ago before our wedding, I decided to fit the gown that my husband got but this gown hasn't been worn on my wedding day because we only went to a chapel just me and my husband and got married there, no wintnesses other than the priest, God and our guardian angels..we don't have a fancy wedding but we are very happy and satisfied with our relationship today. So anyone who are interested to buy this wedding gown let me know:-)
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Apr 30, 2010

Happy Weekend

I cannot believed that my husband's one week vacation is soon to end! I want him to relax more days but he only got a week off. Seems like 1 week is not enough for us. We are planning to go to Seattle in his 1 week off but we are are not able to do it because the pass is still close. I wish the pass will open soon so we can proceed our plans. Anyway, we just rented 9 movies and I need to get going now and watch them all before the due date..see you guys later and have a wonderful weekend!
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Apr 22, 2010

Cheesecake Anyone?

My lunch for this afternoon is cheesecake with raspberry. My sister in-law made it for my son's birthday and it was the most tastiest cheesecake that I've been eaten! She is very good in making dessert especially this kind of food. I wish I know how to make it because my husband loves to each cheescake.
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Apr 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Its Tuesday and sunny! what a perfect day to play outside but I cannot do that until I'm done cleaning the house. I seriously need to finish my general cleaning before weekend because on Saturday we will be having a party here in our home for my son's 2nd birthday. I am busy like a bee right now trying to accomplish everything. So, see you guys later and have a wonderful day!
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Apr 16, 2010

It Entertains Me

I am not sure if you watch this teleserye but I do! I loved watching this one, it helps me to remember my native country by hearing the language that they are using. This teleserye was originally came from other country and then they revise it since the show is getting a lot of viewers. I was hookep too, I know the story is far from reality but sometimes when you are bored, you prefer to watch something than be bored and doing nothing..
It's weekend again and I need to get going and clean the house! happy weekend my dear friends..
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Apr 14, 2010

My Favorite Performance Of Sarah G!

If you are a filipino then I assumed you knew Sarah Geronimo. She is on of my all time favorite performer artist in the Philippines. I admired her talent and her personality as well, it seldom to read or heard negative feedback from her, she is very down to earth person and know where to stand and of course she is gorgeous! The attached video is one of my favorite performance from her, she did it well and she sang the song beautifully!

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Apr 12, 2010

Thinking To Buy One

I found this curtain at jcpenny and wanted to buy it. I am just not sure with the lenght where you hooked up the curtain because ours is big maybe 4 inches, I really the color of this one and the style but I have to ask my husband what he thinks first before getting it. I wanted to decorate our house because this house looks like no wife is living, its complettely simple. I hope to order this before my son's party.
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Apr 8, 2010

Smart Kid!

I am impressed with my 23 months old son for being able to spelled few words, I don't think I can spell anything at that age, can you? The toy laptop that we got for him was worth buying. That is how learned to spell words by playing with it. I did not force force him to spell or say his alphabet but he learned just by playing and watching everyday. Before I am hesitant to buy toys not suited to his age but now I am willing to buy everything as long as it is education toys, very helpful to enhance kids ability.
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Apr 7, 2010

Milkfish is Yummy!

I have been craving to eat paksiw na bangus forever and I finally got some today. We went to the asian store the other day and bought two packages, the fish is frozen but it tasted good and fresh. I wasb't able to take a picture of my own because my camera is in my husband's car so I decided to look for a picture exactly as what it looks like mine. The picture was a courtesy of a philipineinfo website, I thank him for the picture. I had a full tummy right now because of that dish!
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Apr 1, 2010

Happy Fools Day!

I am making fool with my husband today, telling him I was pregnant. I came up with that idea because he doesn't us to have another baby yet and I wanted one. I tried hard not to laugh and acted real, he was laughing at at me for the first time but kind of worried when he saw how serious my face was. I keep doing it until he really believeb and me and then laughed at the end! I cannot act longer so brust and laughed afterwards hehehehehe. Anyway, there is nothing much going on here, tomorrow will be going to wally store to do our grocery shopping and enjoy the rest of the day!
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Mar 22, 2010

Busy Mom!

I have been so busy today but I felt good after accomplishing lots of things in one day. I am proud that even though I have very limited time to do everything in the house, I was able to do alot of cleaning today. I reached my goals today and tomorrow will be another set of cleaning hehehehehe. I am also excited with my gardening, after years of bugigng my husband he finally start making my green house. Right now, I am waiting my seeds to grow and then hopefully my husband will be done making the green house before the seeds grows tall.
Anyway, I am tired right now and I need to get some shower and realx for a little bit because in few minutes hubby will be here.
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Mar 19, 2010

I Miss It!

The Picture above was taken when my son is still 5 months old, he about 2 years old now and getting really big. I miss cuddling a lil tiny baby, the smell, the smile everything! I am so ready for another one but my husband isn't ready yet. He thinks having a baby is stressful:-) I trie dto convince him a lot of times but he I am getting the same answer. Oh well, I guess I have to wait till he's ready for a second one!
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Mar 17, 2010


This blog has been abandoned for quite a while now and I feel bad about it. My life has been so busy right after having a baby, I don't even have a time to sit too long in the computer but now that my son is getting older, I think I can manage my time to update this blog for atleast 3 times a week or more. I don't do anything that much now and my son likes to play most of the time.
Anyway, there is nothing much happening here with me other than taking care of my family. My son mostly keep me busy all day, there are times he wants me to carry him all the time and to cuddle him. I will show some of his pictures later today..I need to go now and fix dinner, see you guys later!
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